Wilson Co. Fair-Tennessee State Fair keeps safety a top priority

Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 6:47 PM CDT
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LEBANON, Tenn. (WSMV) - This year, the Wilson County Fair-Tennessee State Fair has added a new layer of security. As they head into a busy weekend, safety continues to be a priority.

“There are so many great new things at the Wilson County Fair-Tennessee State Fair. We are standing right now in Travel Tennessee. That was one of the most popular things here last night,” said Randall Clemons, President.

The first day of the big event brought out 34,000 people. Along with new additions, the fair has also added metal detection at the gates for the first time.

“As you go through the metal detectors, we are recommending that you have clear bags. It’s not a required clear bag policy, but if you do set off the metal detector and you have a clear bag, it is so much easier and quicker to be checked,” explained Johnnie Webb, Member of the Fair’s Executive Committee.

According to Webb, there will be 18 metal detectors at seven different gates on the busiest days.

“Wilson County Sheriff’s office provides security on the inside of the fairgrounds. They’re actually providing more officers this year than they did last year. Lebanon police departments provide security for the parking lot area and the roads,” stated Webb.

As they gear up for a busy weekend, they also encourage parents to take advantage of the photo booths at each gate. This will give officers a clear description if your child gets lost.

“We just have so much to offer anyone who wants to come to the fair. We are seeing people come from across our state regardless of age,” Clemons said.