Metro Waste Services removes contractor from routes after trash delays continue

Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 10:32 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Metro Nashville Waste Services (MNWS) is taking trash routes away from their contractor, Platform Solutions, the company that recently acquired Red River, the city’s former contractor.

The city does not believe that Platform Solutions has improved any of the trash pick-up delays. At times, not picking up trash at all.

“It’s been a struggle the last few months,” said Tyler Freitag.

Freitag lives on Fern Avenue in Nashville, one of the four trash routes MNWS will remove from their contractor for delayed or no service.

“I would say the real problem is you never know when they’re going to be picking up the trash. It would be one thing if it was every day but it’s once a week,” said Freitag.

Tuesdays are the trash pickup days for Freitag’s neighborhood, but neighbors say it’s been hit or miss for weeks.

Another resident, Kris Davis has seen garbage cans all up and down his block.

“The trash just stayed there,” Davis said. “They just basically missed this week.”

The trash problems have plagued the city for a while now. During Metro’s Budget and Finance Committee meeting, MNWS Assistant Director, John Honeysucker, told the committee their plans to release four routes from Platform Solutions because of the inconsistent service. The routes include Fern Avenue, Smith Spring Road, and other locations in South Nashville.

“If they do not perform, the way they should be we will take routes. We will absolutely take routes until this is made right, " said Honeysucker.

MNWS will seek out a different contractor to pick up trash in those areas, which is not expected to require more tax dollars.

“The expense that it costs per can will be a little higher but, ultimately, it’s saving the city money because if we have to do it, we will have to spend time with overtime pay and having additional’s saving us money but also making sure the trash is picked up,” said Honeysucker.

Mr. Freitag remains optimistic.

“The thing that I’ll be intrigued to see is how this company is going to operate any differently than the red river has. If they do great, but if not it’s just we’re back to square one,” said Freitag.

Davis said that he was encouraged that they are at least trying to take some steps forward to rectify it.

“We take pride in our house basically,” Davis said. “And having trash cans full and overflowing in the front yard just knocks down that curb appeal.”

The routes were removed from Platform Solutions on Monday, and MNWS promises to remove more if delays in service continue.

Metro Nashville Waste Services are taking trash routes away from their contractor, Platform Solutions, the company that recently acquired Red River, the city’s

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