Several Midstate schools forced to adjust to staffing shortages

Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 8:04 AM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Schools systems have begun their second full week of school and staffing shortages continue to be a setback in 2022.

Right now, Sumner County schools are reporting 40 openings for bus drivers heading into the second week of school.

With this shortage, the transportation department has been making efforts to maximize the speed and efficiency of every bus route, which includes some stop changes.

There has been some confusion over stop changes the district is now trying to clear up after a message was sent home with students from the White House and Beech areas.

That message was only for effected routes and if you as a parent did not receive a communication from the transportation department directly or your bus driver, your student’s stop has not changed.

Sumner is not the only county looking for more drivers…so is Metro County Public Schools.

Metro schools is hiring more drivers with a starting pay of $22.25 per hour and more for experienced drivers.

Rutherford County’s director of schools Dr. James Sullivan described the energy on campus as different this year, given the challenges the last couple of years. After starting the summer with 200 teacher openings, they are well under 50 at this point.

“No teacher openings are appropriate but that is kind of where we are as an education field and that’s where it really comes down to as a community, we have to have help, Dr. Sullivan said. “We grow so much as a district; we need more teaching positions. Not even talking about people retiring but we need more teaching positions than our local universities are graduating.”

In Montgomery County, schools are also dealing with bus delays with dozens of open routes and the need for more bus drivers.

They have expended the parent responsibility zone by half a mile and some schools have created double run routes.

This all comes as Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools is seeing a growth in enrollment, with almost 3,400 more students present on the first day compared to last year.

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