Nashville neighborhood improvement projects to address flooding issues

Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 6:54 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Metro Nashville and TDOT construction crews are working on more than 800 neighborhood improvement projects in Davidson county. Mayor John Cooper said at least 17 projects aim to fix flooding issues.

Road closures are going on throughout Davidson county. Right now, crews are repairing a culvert that causes flooding here in Goodlettsville, and people living in this area tell me there’s an upside and downside to all of these improvements.

“There’s a big sign that says this road is closed beginning June 10th,” Kimberly Snider, a Goodlettsville resident, said.

For weeks Kimberly Snider said she and dozens of other neighbors have wondered why Brick Church Pike and many other roads are closed off.

“I do have to take alternate routes anytime I want to go to town,” Snider said.

Mayor Cooper has now announced why some of those are closed, starting with Brick Church Pike.

“The old culvert has deteriorated to the point that the pipe no longer had a bottom roadway lateral was washing into the creek, and undermining the roadway,” Cooper said.

And this isn’t just happening in Goodlettsville; crews are now repairing more than 17 culverts throughout Davidson County.

“They are key to managing stormwater and preventing flash flooding and road closers,” Cooper said.

But that’s not all they’re repairing.

“From renovations in metro facilities like school and community centers to upgrading infrastructure, like sidewalks, bridges, speeds bumps, and bike lanes, to building brand new greenways, we are working to enhance the quality of life for neighborhoods,” Cooper said.

That’s $3.3 billion worth of work and more than 800 projects crews are currently working on, and they are all projects Cooper said you can now keep track of.

“Nashvillians can track the progress of these 800 plus neighborhood improvement projects through a new online tool,” Cooper said.

A step-by-step tracker Snider said will make a big difference, but she’s more grateful for the repairs.

“If it’s not fixed, I would be taking alternate routes, I guess, more often, so it’s good to know that that’s not going to be an issue when we get heavy rains as we do sometimes,” Snider said.

The neighborhood improvement tracker is now available to determine when each project will wrap up.

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