‘Uptick’ in women stalked by new technology in Nashville

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 11:35 AM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) -The assistant District Attorney overseeing domestic violence cases in Davidson County says she’s seeing an “uptick” in cases in which women are being stalked by new technology.

WSMV4 Investigates obtained police reports showing how women have been stalked by men who used various technology including Apple Air Tags and a Logistics Mobile 200 GPS Tracker.

“There’s definitely been an uptick in victims coming forward saying they’ve been tracked by these technologies,” said prosecutor Christina Johnson.

One of the women agreed to tell her story on the condition that we hide her identity, as her accused stalker is in jail, but it remains unclear if he will make bond.

“Sitting here today, how worried are you?” asked WSMV4 Investigates.

“I still worry. I still look over my shoulders. I still watch cars,” she said.

The woman said she knew something was wrong with her accused stalker repeatedly appeared in places where she was shopping.

“Everywhere I was going, he was there,” she said. “He’d pull out in front of me. I’ll walk out of stores, he’d be there.”

Eventually, she discovered why: Apple Air tags were hidden in two places, including her car.

“Very scary. It’s very scary. I was terrified. You don’t know what a person is going to do as it is - yet alone being tracked,” she said.

Another police report details how a woman was tracked by the Logistics Mobile 200 GPS Tracker.

The police report reads that the suspect pulled up to a woman’s driver side and began to fire a pistol at her vehicle.

After the woman contacted police and officers responded, the report reads, “While searching for other bullet holes, officers noticed a black tracking device on the bottom of victim’s vehicle.”

“As technology changes, so do criminal minds. So do people who want to control other people,” Johnson said.

WSMV4 Investigates followed another case where a man’s truck was stolen when someone placed an Apple Air Tag in his vehicle.

When an Apple Air Tag is concealed inside a car, a dinging sound will emit and a warning will appear on the driver’s phone, alerting them to a device.

But in the case of the woman who was traced by the Apple Air Tag, she said she had never even heard the alerts, and she gets so many notifications with sounds on her phone that she cleared them without realizing what the warnings meant.

“I guess this is the world we live in, huh?” asked WSMV4 Investigates.

“And it’s sad. It’s sad,” she said.

If you are concerned about being tracked, Johnson advises that you trust your gut and to contact police.

While the District Attorney’s office could not recommend any specific app to determine if you are being tracked, prosecutors advise that you research your own phone to find out what services they offer to detect or block unwanted tracking.

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