Nashvillians celebrate redesigned Gulch Greenway

Published: Aug. 6, 2022 at 12:49 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Nashville officials celebrated opening the redesigned and expanded Gulch Greenway at the Asurion corporate hub in downtown Nashville on Friday.

The new greenway begins with a renovated trailhead under the Church Street Bridge and connects to a future Broadway Bridge trailhead and 11th Avenue.

“This greenway will be a fantastic addition to the Gulch community,” said Mayor John Cooper. “Greenways are positively impacting all Nashville neighborhoods. Whether it’s space for running or biking or the outdoor gym locations, the greenways support the physical and mental health of everyone who uses them. Preserving our environment requires intention and thoughtful stewardship, like this one embodies, and it’s an enormous part of how we make Nashville work for everyone.”

Greenway expanded and redesigned in the Gulch
Greenway expanded and redesigned in the Gulch(Metro parks)

Greenways are linear parks with off-street trails that connect neighborhoods to schools, parks, shopping, and work. Park officials said greenways can often be found along natural landscape features like streams, rivers, and ridges or along built features, such as railroad corridors and scenic highways; greenways provide valuable greenspace for conservation of natural resources, readily accessible recreational options, and alternative off-street routes for pedestrians and cyclists to move around the city.

“I was super excited; set a reminder to go walk it when it opens,” Katie Caralla, who lives close to the greenway, said. “It’s been a long time coming, but I have to say, I’m encouraged by all the activity I’ve seen.”

The project, which is part of the new Asurion corporate hub, connects the Gulch and North Gulch.

It’d been the vision of city planners since 2017, with a groundbreaking on the project in 2018, according to the group, Greenways for Nashville.

“It’s good. There’s a lot of greenery as well; it’s an awesome project,” Mohit Sood, who works above the greenway, said.

“This is what people want. We want this. And it also gives a unique feature to the city.”

Designers say that the nearly $3 million dollar project is the pilot for future downtown greenways.

There are reportedly almost 100 miles of greenway trails in the city’s system today. Metro Parks Director Monique Horton Odom said, “We are quite fortunate to have greenways in our urban and downtown districts, and this greenway is indicative of our intent to meet the demand for service and provide the best recreational opportunities for everyone.”

Greenway expanded and redesigned in the Gulch
Greenway expanded and redesigned in the Gulch(Metro parks)

Highwoods Properties funded and constructed the realignment and extension of the 12-foot-wide greenway trail between the Church Street Bridge and the Broadway Bridge, along with lighting, canopy tree installation, drinking fountain, a bike fix-it station, a new vertical connection to the overhead Church Street Bridge and dedication of a permanent Conservation Greenway Easement.

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