Metro police school security plan includes more officers at every school

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 7:30 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The Metro Nashville Police Department has its security plan for the upcoming school year.

Police said they are making history with police presence. School resource officers will now be at every grade level, but the department is facing an officer shortage.

In the past, school resource officers were just in Metro Nashville high schools and middle schools, but now police say, officers will also patrol the outside of elementary school. Some parents say it’s just a step in the right direction.

“Anyone can just walk in,” parent Danielle Kosakowski said.

For months, Kosakowski said she hasn’t felt safe with her 7-year-old son Dominic in elementary school.

“With all of the shootings last year, I was terrified to send my son to school,” Kosakowski said, the head of Charlotte Park Elementary School’s PTO.

Kosakowski said for months, many parents have complained about not having School Resource Officers at elementary schools.

But now Metro Police said that will change.

“The police coverage at all metro schools to include all elementary, middle and high schools will be at the highest level ever,” Nashville Police Chief John Drake said.

Drake said starting Aug. 8, officers will patrol the outside of each elementary school building for several hours a day, but that’s not all.

“Campus will be visited regularly by officers from the prescient level as well as officers from our special operations division to include traffic crash investigators and motorcycle officers,” Drake said.

Some parents who spoke to WSMV’s Sharon Danquah said having an officer outside is great, but all students need the protection of an officer inside as well.

Kosakowski said they’ll take what they can get.

“I’m glad that there is something instead of nothing,” Kosakowski said. “I’m appreciative that there is something.”

Police said they are facing an SRO shortage and are working to hire more officers to eventually have officers inside school as well.

“As the word spreads, may be more people (who) will be like ‘oh, let me apply let me do this. Let’s get our kids some help and protection,’” Danielle said.

Police said school resource officers are now being trained and getting ready for the first day of school on Monday.

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