‘The floor just fell in’: Witnesses describe chaos at Loser’s Bar and Grill

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 4:55 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The deck at a popular Midtown bar is closed after it fell apart just before a concert was set to begin Wednesday night.

Witnesses said the lower deck at Loser’s Bar and Grill was packed to capacity around 6 p.m. before the back parking lot area was opened.

Leah Streeval and her friends got to the bar about two hours early hoping to get the best spot at the parking lot stage for a special Whiskey Jam concert featuring a performance by Hardy.

“Right before they released us into the parking lot, we were waiting for the go, the floor just fell in,” Streeval said. “There was a big boom, and all of the sudden you could hear everybody panicking.”

Streeval said she grabbed her friends because she was scared the deck would keep falling. Security was able to evacuate everyone from the area after the collapsed deck caused a gas leak.

Metro Fire responded to the scene and said no one was injured. A spokesperson said the incident was caused by a building maintenance issue. The deck fell about three feet due to damaged floor joists.

After about two hours, Streeval said they were allowed to go into the concert area and the show went on as scheduled.

“I think the bars here are not necessarily built to the best and they have been there for a long time,” Streeval said. “Those things put together, and you put a lot of people standing there for a long period of time, I just don’t think it was able to hold.”

“It was funny because I have had a lot of people message me saying we were just waiting for something like this to happen,” Streeval continued. “I don’t think anyone’s shocked by it which is very unfortunate. But I am glad it was a situation where no one got injured.”

WSMV requested a copy of the inspection records for this deck from the Metro Building Department. The only reports available were from 2006 when the deck was first built. The building department said it only inspects decks when they are first built or a complaint is filed. No complaints had been filed against Losers Bar before this incident.

Caution tape and notices have now been posted on the outside of the Losers deck to keep people away until the repairs can be made.

“The Fire Marshal’s Office evaluated the issue and advised the owner to make the necessary repairs,” according to a Metro Fire spokesperson. “Management voluntarily closed the affected portion of the building, and it will remain closed until those repairs are completed by a licensed professional.”

Streeval said she would like to see more frequent inspections to prevent another issue like this. There are many other bars she has been much more concerned about a floor collapsing in, so this one breaking has left her scared.

“They should probably have some type of regulation of every so many years,” Streeval said. “They have to do it with elevators, so it would make sense that if you are housing that many people, for the safety of others, as you are becoming this tourist city.”

A manager at Loser’s Bar and Grill declined an opportunity to talk with WSMV for this story.

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