Rendering shows Nashville skyline to look different in years to come

Published: Jul. 26, 2022 at 7:49 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Downtown Nashville is rapidly changing with new projects. A new series of renderings by a man in Franklin is catching people’s attention.

The renderings show what the Nashville skyline could look like in just a few years. “Good grief, what could this look like when it is finally done,” Jason Wood asked. “I started getting impatient and anxious and started building some shapes.”

Wood created renderings using Google Earth Pro of what the Nashville skyline could look like in the next several years. Wood pulled the information from The red represents things currently under construction. Purple is land bought, and yellow is stalled projects. The most dominant color on the renderings, teal, represents proposals.

Wood said he has always been interested in architecture and development and did this as a hobby. WSMV 4 asked the Nashville Planning Department how accurate the renderings are.

The department said the renderings are pretty spot on in terms of the number of buildings we could see built in the next three or so years. There are currently 50 towers proposed or under construction downtown. “When I moved here in 2010, it is so different now than it was then,” Wood said. “To imagine it even being this much more is wild.”

However, proposals fall through. For example, Amazon recently announced it was halting the expansion of its downtown towers. “Things can change whether it be an overall height modification, or somebody decides to abandon a project or move somewhere else in town,” Richel Albright with the planning department said. “Take these things with a little bit of salt.”

Wood said he is excited about what is to come. “Hopefully, they are good places to live and work and take my family to go spend time there,” Wood said.

The planning department said most buildings going up downtown replace surface parking lots and older buildings.

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