‘The smell comes through the whole building’; Dead body recovered in apartment building

Published: Jul. 26, 2022 at 6:49 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The Medical Examiner’s Office is investigating after neighbors in a Nashville apartment building reported a horrible smell, and officials found a decomposing body.

Residents at Barrett Manor said they smelled what they thought was trash for about a week, but it kept getting worse. Police were called in on Monday afternoon and found the man’s remains in his apartment.

“It comes through the whole building,” Demetrius Jenkins said. “You could smell the death coming through the whole building. Vents and everything. Even in the elevator. You couldn’t even stand on the elevator because the smell was so wreaking.”

Jenkins said he never expected officers to find a body, but that explains the foul stench he couldn’t figure out. He has lived there for three years and never smelled anything that awful.

It reached the point where Jenkins would talk about it daily with his neighbors before someone decided to call for officers to investigate. Police told Jenkins the man was dead and bandy decomposing when they found the body.

“A lot of people were hysterical,” Jenkins said. “It’s a lot of older residents here, so that’s messed with them a little bit mentally and physically. Like, do I really want to stay at this apartment complex?”

Metro Police said the Medical Examiner’s Office is now handling the case. They will determine the cause of death and decide if a criminal investigation is needed.

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