Metro Council approves contract with new waste management company

Published: Jul. 22, 2022 at 10:15 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Metro Waste Services has changed its contract with a new company called Platform Waste Solutions.

Tuesday evening, representatives with Metro Services shared their amendments to the contract with members of the Metro Council during the Transportation and Infrastructure meeting.

Metro Council members approved the amendments during their council meeting.

In the past, residents in Davidson County had issues with trash delays leading to overflowing problems throughout several neighborhoods when Red River was the city’s contractor.

Red River filed for bankruptcy in October 2021, where they picked up 70 percent of the county’s trash.

Metro Services said they’d changed portions of the contract since a new company, Platform Waste Solutions, acquired the company.

“If there are issues even within a month during the month there’s a lot of complaints or misses, then we can start the process to immediately be removing routes from the contract,” said Sharon Smith, with Metro Waste Services.

David Johnson and his neighbors on Sadler Avenue in Nashville have had their share of trash delays, but he says over the few months, he’s seen quite the positive change.

“Over the past six weeks, I had to write one complaint to the hub, but they were out the next day to pick it up. Whereas before, it was literally every other time they would miss, so they’re doing great,” said Johnson.

Metro Council approved waste services amendments to the new contract with the new company. Those changes include going from servicing 70% of the city’s trash to now 35%

“We no longer want to be in a situation where one company has such a large advantage on all of our customers. Our plan over the last year is to diversify and get more companies involved so that if one has a problem, we have others,” said Smith.

It’s a change David says is excellent.

“Them having a smaller piece of the pie will hopefully affect fewer people. So I’m optimistic, and I think they have the controls to get a handle on this,” said Johnson.

The city waste services pick up trash for more than 140,000 homes. Metro Waste Services says its goal is to have a few trash delays as possible.

“Thank you so much to our constituents for the patience because it’s been a painful process that they’ve endured. We’ve had great support from the council and administration that have been supportive and backed up since day one,” said John Honeysucker, with Metro Waste Services.

Metro Waste Services asks customers to submit complaints to their online portal.

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