Local non-profit assists Nashvillians amid inflation spike

Published: Jul. 13, 2022 at 10:18 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Inflation has seen one of its most significant increases since 1981 at 9.1%, leaving many people pinching pennies for everyday needs.

It’s causing some Middle Tennesseans to struggle with gas, food, and housing, among other basic life necessities.

Jaquita Maye, a Nashville mother of five, says it’s a struggle dealing with the ongoing rising cost.

“It’s really been a struggle even with being a working parent ...It’s still hard,” said Jaquita Maye.

The last few years haven’t been the easiest, but she’s now managing life issues and problems by receiving help from Dream Streets. This local non-profit organization helps distressed families by offering life empowerment tools, resources, and supplemental meals.

Jaquita, along with her four sons and one daughter, has been a part of the non-profit since 2016 after moving to Nashville from Memphis. She wanted to provide a better opportunity for herself and her kids.

“That was the main reason I moved to Nashville was to get my boys away from Memphis to have them a chance at life,” said Maye.

With the recent inflation, she’s had to stretch her paycheck severely.

“Buying food, rent went up, gas went up, so it’s been very hard. Sometimes that check is not stretching far enough to make it to the end of the week,” said Maye.

Staying afloat is a challenge many Americans have faced as costs continue to rise. Experts say inflation has seen its most significant increase this June since 1981.

Jaquita is more than grateful for their help, love, and compassion. She participates in their mom group meetings, events, and life-changing sessions, including how to budget your finances properly. She’s also now on the journey of becoming a first-time homeowner.

“They started a pilot program a couple months ago for home-buying for single mothers, so I am the first to get a pre-approved to buy a home,” said Maye

Her advice to other single parents who are up against financial roadblocks is to reach out for help assistance.

“Really reach out especially to the women at the dream center because they have so many resources and they’re so open-hearted and so wonderful as people, good-hearted women, so reach out so they can help you as a person,” said Maye.

Dream Street leaders tell us they will continue assisting these families in need, but they’re experiencing the impacts of inflation as they fulfill their mission. Last week, the non-profit spent $500 in gas on one vehicle, and due to the cost doubling over the past six months they’ve had to allocate funds needed for other programs.

The organization says food is their engine, and if they can’t get to their mobile food sites, hundreds of families miss out on fresh groceries, which helps in inflation costs of groceries.

“Our organization is thankfully expanding, and the unexpected increase puts added pressure on us to increase our funding through grants and fundraising efforts. Those are dependent on the generosity of individuals, grantors, and local businesses who are also impacted by inflation and have to cut costs at this time,” said the non-profit’s communications team.

They continue to move forward in helping families despite the strain.

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