Investigators say they’ve seized land owned by TN Metal Roofing Owner James Kenton

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Published: Jul. 14, 2022 at 3:07 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - A shiny boat and a piece of land all once belonged to James Kenton, the man who police say owns Tennessee Metal Roofing.

But not anymore, based on what happened in Davidson County Court in October 2020.

News 4 Nashville first told you about Kenton after he was arrested for HomeImprovement Fraud in August 2020.

”By the way, he’s now a suspect in this case,” MNPD Detective William Thorowgood stated to a representative from the District Attorney’s Office. Detective Thorwogood was referring to Kenton’s attorney, Joe Calvert.

Detective Thorowgood then handed James Kenton an envelope, stating that his property off of Saundersville Road in Mt. Juliet was being seized.

”We seized a plot of land in Wilson County that was purchased by Mr. Kentonthrough what we believe is a shell corporation entitled JKLT, LLC,” Detective Thorowgood said.

An alleged shell corporation, Detective Thorowgood says, Kenton’s attorney Joe Calvert, helped him get.

”Mr. Calvert assisted his client in purchasing the licensing for that company. Which of course, as an attorney, is in his job description. But the fact that it involves what appears to be a shell company, that doesn’t do any business in the state of Tennessee, it makes it suspicious to say least,” Detective Throwgood said.

A shell company is an inactive company used for various financial maneuvers. It also can be kept dormant for future use.

Detective Thorowgood tells News 4 Nashville that he’s hoping to have the proceeds from the land go towards Kenton’s former customers if Kenton’scase makes it to trial.

”Right now, we just have two purchases with that Shell Corporation, which is a boat that has since been sold and of course this plot of land in Wilson County,” Detective Thorowgood said.

After setting up Kenton’s preliminary hearing, News 4 questioned his attorney Joe Calvert about the land seizure and the alleged shell corporation.

”There’s no Shell company,” Calvert said.”So what is JKLT, LLC?” Call 4 Action Problem Solver Caresse Jackman asked.

That’s an LLC. I set up an LLC. I set up LLCs for people every day.

News 4 then asked Calvert if he felt it was a conflict of interest to do so with Mr. Kenton.

”There was no criminal case when I set up the LLC,” Calvert said. That was after setting up the LLC. I didn’t know what he was going to use the LLC for,” Calvert said.

Investigators say Joe Calvert has not been charged or connected to Kenton’sHome Improvement Fraud Investigation.

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