Salvation Army works to keep Nashvillians cool

Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 7:26 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The extreme heat may soon create major issues for people who are stuck outside.

To ward off heat-related injuries, nonprofit organizations in Nashville will be stepping in to help.

Salvation Army recently created a cooling station, however, not many people came by. As a result, Misty Ratcliff with the Nashville Salvation Army said their crews will be traveling to all parts of the city.

“Without proper hydration, without staying cool, heat kills,” Ratcliff said.

Ratcliff added that several times a day, they will be dropping off cooling supplies to homeless encampments.

“We’re also handing out bus passes provided by the Homeless Impact Division, where they can get on buses when they need a real break to get cool air, they can get on and just ride the bus around for a while to get out of the heat,” Ratcliff said.

The Salvation Army will not be alone, other organizations will also be giving out popsicles and other cooling resources. Without the resources, Ratcliff said that dozens of people could be at risk.

“That can keep really bad burns away which can then get infected. This keeps people from getting dehydrated and ending up with a heat stroke and ending up in a hospital,” Ratcliff said.

Ratcliff added that they will be doing anything they can to keep as many people cool as possible.

“There are just so many things that a lot of us take for granted that people who don’t have easy access to simply being indoors. They need a lot more resources to keep them safe during this time,” Ratcliff said.

If the heat continues to rise and heat-related injuries go up along with it, emergency management said they’ll kick start their emergency heat plan.

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