LIST: Burn bans across Middle Tennessee area

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 9:46 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - As the region continues to dry out, several towns and counties have banned any open burning until significant rainfall arrives. Here is a list of several cities in the Middle Tennessee area that have no burn orders currently in place, which includes fireworks for some towns with the 4th of July approaching:


Due to the drought conditions in Middle Tennessee, Brentwood fire officials have suspended issuing burn permits for open burning until the area receives measurable rainfall.

Commercial businesses which use air curtain destructors in supervised, controlled environments are exempt from the ban. Brentwood Fire officials will continue to monitor conditions and notify residents and businesses when the ban is lifted.

Brentwood Fire officials also reminded that personal fireworks aren’t allowed in neighborhoods. Personal firework displays are illegal inside the city without a permit.

The city has asked that all residents be respectful of their neighbors and allow the only fireworks set off to be those in permitted displays.

The Brentwood Municipal Code defines fireworks as any combustible or explosive device or article prepared for producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagrations, or detonation.

Concerns about violations can be reported to the Brentwood Police at the non-emergency line only, at 615-371-0160.


The fire marshals for Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department and Rutherford County Fire & Rescue Department issued a burn ban for both the city of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County due to extremely dry conditions, low humidity and lack of rainfall.

The joint burn ban was issued Friday, June 24 at 5 p.m. until further notice.

Both agencies determined that the ban would be placed within both jurisdictions until there is a substantial amount of rain.

The types of fires prohibited during the outdoor open burning ban include the following:

-Brush and leaves

- Fields/grasslands

-Burn barrels

-Household waste

-Campfires/cooking fires

-All other open burnings

Those that have questions can contact their local fire service provider.


Gallatin Fire Chief Jeff Beaman advised that due to the extremely dry current conditions, city residents, visitors and businesses should not shoot personal fireworks.

Gallatin’s Fire Marshal Mark Hall has not issued any burn permits for open burning and will not until the area receives enough rain to impact the current drought conditions across Tennessee. Any open burning requires a permit from the City of Gallatin Fire Department.

The Gallatin Fire Department is working closely with the fireworks provider to prepare the site and make sure the proper fire extinguishing equipment is ready during the show.


Tullahoma will be extending their currentlyitsed burn ban within the city through July 1.

The types of burns that will be prohibited include the following:

-Brush, limbs, leaves (yard debris)

-Campfires and firepits

-Burn barrels

-Untreated construction lumber

Concerning consumer fireworks, currently, the municipal code allows for the use of fireworks July 1-3 from 10:00 AM -10:30 PM, and July 4 from 10:00 AM – 1130 PM. Unless conditions change. The current burn ban shall include the use of fireworks on Friday, July 1.

Should the ban lift, the Tullahoma Fire Department gave some tips for exercising caution when using fireworks including the following:

-Do not discharge any fireworks near structures or wood lines.

-Keep a bucket of water or hose nearby to extinguish any resulting hot spot fires.

-After discharge, be sure to douse any spent devices with sufficient amounts of water before discarding them into trash receptacles.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, they can contact the Tullahoma Fire Department at (931) 455-0936.

Pleasant View

The town of Pleasant View was placed under a burn ban from 3 p.m. on Wednesday until further notice. The ban includes all fireworks as well.

The city will be hoping for rain and if so, the burn will be lifted as soon as possible.


A burn ban was issued on Tuesday for the city limits of Shelbyville. No burning until further notice, per the fire marshal.


The Lewisburg Fire Department and City Manager have a fireworks and open burning ban notice in place. The fire department has fought four fires in the last six days, which have resulted in two lost homes, all due to the use of fireworks. The current dry conditions are not conducive to any unnecessary sparks or burning until conditions improve.


The Millersville Fire Department feels the current weather conditions are not ideal for the use of fireworks or similar pyrotechnic devices. The city deems the added risk of fire and damage to property is elevated and unnecessary under the current conditions. “It would take a significant rain event to reverse this decision.” The no fireworks order is on top of the current open burn ban, already in place in Millersville.

Ashland City

The fire chief in Ashland City has determined that the discharge of fireworks in the city is prohibited, given the ongoing dry conditions. The concern is for the safety of Ashland City’s citizens and property. The city will also stop issuing open burn permits until further notice. This affects any open burn permits for this week, as well. There will be no burning until further notice.


The Fire Marshal in the city of Pegram issued a burn ban on Wednesday until further notice. The order includes all open fires, as well as burning in barrels. Fireworks are currently not included in the order, but citizens are encouraged to check the city’s Facebook pages for updates.


The Portland TN Fire Department will be prohibiting the discharge of fireworks inside the city of Portland until further notice. This will coincide with the city’s current burn ban.

Mount Juliet

Around a week ago, the Mount Juliet Fire Department issued a burn ban in the city and the ban will be in effect until further notice. If dry and hot conditions continue, city officials will consider extending the burn to fireworks and firework shows.


Dickson’s Fire Marshal issued a ban on all outdoor burning on Wednesday, effective immediately, until the area receives significant rainfall. The order applies to any outdoor fires, including the burning of leaves, brush, debris, trash, campfires, bonfires and even screened barrels within the boundaries of the City of Dickson.

If your city or county has a burn ban and is not on this list please contact us at

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