Police zero in on police shooting suspect in Millersville

Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 7:04 PM CDT
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MILLERSVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - A man remains at-large after he is accused of shooting a Hendersonville police officer during a pursuit on Monday night.

Several law enforcement agencies spent hours searching for 34-year-old Samuel Edwards on Tuesday after they found a vehicle he is accused of stealing on Cycle Lane.

Millersville Police Capt. Charles Consiglio said police received information at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday that the truck was there.

“Footage from the business showed the suspect vehicle showing up around 9:30 last night,” Consiglio said.

The search for Edwards began in the area of the parking lot of 31W Insulation on Clay Lane and ended about two miles near mile marker on Interstate 65 South.

Officers used K9s in the search to pick up Edwards’ scent.

“The K9 handler said the scent was a strong lead,” Consiglio said. “Like I said we were able to follow that scent from behind us down towards the on-ramp on I-65 and approximately about a mile down from there.”

“The reason we felt so strongly about searching that area and shutting the interstate down was we actually had two separate dogs follow the same track at different times,” Millersville Police Chief Dustin Carr said. “We’re very confident that he did follow that track. He went up the southbound ramp on I-65, down the interstate near the bottom of the ridge. The dog tracked him up a logging road, so our officers followed that logging road up and searched that area very thoroughly.”

Officials said about 40 law enforcement officers were in Millersville at some point searching the area. Metro Police’s helicopter also helped with the search.

“It’s pretty rough back there. It’s really thick, wooded area,” Consiglio said. “We were just basically following the dog. The dog had the scent. Where the dog went, we went.”

“We did that as slow and as methodical as we could and determined he was not there, and once the track was complete, the dogs stopped moving,” Millersville Police Capt. Glenn Alred said.

The stolen pickup truck was towed by police for processing about 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Police said no guns were found in the pickup truck, leading them to believe that Edwards is still armed and dangerous. They are asking people in the community to remain vigilant.

“We have received good information that he is not longer in this immediate area,” Alred said.

Hendersonville Police Officer Cameron Farrell was shot and is expected to be OK, according to police. Hendersonville Police said Tuesday marks Farrell’s one-year anniversary with Hendersonville Police.

Hendersonville Police Chief Mickey Miller said they want to get Edwards off the streets.

“He has been involved in several incidents. When you look at him last night, he is a bad guy,” Miller said. “We want to get him off the streets and take him down because he’s a danger not only to police but to any citizen out there he comes across.”

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