Supreme Court overturns New York concealed carry permit law

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 7:51 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The first major Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment in more than a decade was released on Thursday.

The justices overturned a New York law that required gun owners who wanted a concealed carry permit to demonstrate a “proper cause” to do so.

The decision was important because it is the first time the Supreme Court has ever ruled on the right to carry in public, as opposed to inside the home.

Until now, you could only get a concealed carry license in the state of New York if you had a “special need.”

The Supreme Court ruled you cannot be required to give a justification to exercise Second Amendment rights.

WSMV4 spoke with Vanderbilt University constitutional law professor Jim Blumstein about Thursday’s ruling.

“If you choose to exercise your property rights or privacy rights, you don’t have to justify what you’re doing. You don’t have to justify your right to carry a gun in public,” Blumstein said. “The government has to justify and restriction. It can’t basically require you to seek permission. The government can regulate where they have a strong reason to do it, but they can’t just say you have to give us a reason to do it.”

The Supreme Court voted 6-3 to overturn the New York law. The justices in disagreement with the decision differ on how the Second Amendment should be interpreted in present day.

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