NASCAR officials prepare for traffic issues

Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 6:48 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The Nashville Superspeedway race is back, but after significant traffic issues last year, many people want to know how this year’s event will be different.

Parking at this year’s Nashville Superspeedway race is free, and it’s something many people are celebrating after paying $20 last year and facing a traffic nightmare. Still, organizers said, that’s just the first improvement people can expect.

Before thousands of people can fill their seats at the Nashville Super Speedway, they also serve parking lots and roads, causing headaches for nearby homeowners like Ashley Rickman.

Traffic information for NASCAR
Traffic information for NASCAR(NASCAR)

“None of us knew that traffic was going to be that bad,” Ashley said.

Last year, miles and miles of cars inched through interstate lanes and side roads.

“With that traffic…we didn’t go anywhere that entire weekend,” Ashley said.

Organizers admit that a lack of parking spots, a change in traffic plans, and $20 cash-only parking charges created a traffic nightmare.

“The charge at the parking lot was kind of a slow point for us,” SuperSpeedway Vice President of Events and operations Matt Greci said.

But, the 2022 Superspeedway Race is set to look a lot different, starting with parking.

“We’ve had a little bit of development; we’ve developed a 26-acre lot across the street here, which will house about another 2,600 cars,” Greci said.

And he went on to say they’ve made some other parking changes.

“There’s no charge for parking,” Greco said.

The Speedway is also establishing better directional signs, hiring more staff members, and partnering with local law enforcement to control traffic.

“We anticipate for it to be a lot smoother, with a new parking area on McCrary Road, we will be working in conjunction with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office who will be manning all the main roads, highways and thinking like that,” Caption Scott Moore Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said.

Something Ashley and many others are praying for.

“It can be fixed; after they reflect on last year, it can be fixed, and it will definitely be fixed, Ashley said.”

And for people who aren’t driving to the race, there is a specific area for rideshare pick up and drop off.

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