3 people jump out of window to escape fire

8 unites ruined at Antioch apartment building
Published: May. 20, 2022 at 7:01 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - A large fire burned through an apartment complex in Antioch on Friday morning.

According to Nashville Fire Department, two companies were dispatched to the Dover Glen apartments in Antioch and arrived in flames at one of the buildings. The fire started around 4 a.m. On Friday.

According to Nashville Fire, a woman and a child had to be rescued from the apartment building and are in stable condition.

Nashville Fire said one person had to jump from a window to escape the blaze and was taken to the hospital with another person from the building. Kaysahn Adams says that was his girlfriend and roommate. They had to jump out of his bedroom window on the second floor as flames closed in on them.

“In my head, I’m like. I’m not going to make it,” Adams said as he described the terrifying moments of trying to escape the fire at Dover Apartments. He was trapped in his bedroom by flames. “It wasn’t going from the balcony; it wasn’t going from the front door. The only thing we could do was go through the window.”

Adams says he, his girlfriend, and their roommate struggled to open the window as they choked, breathing in the thick smoke.

“When we opened the window, we all gasped for air because we couldn’t breathe. At that point, we were like, ‘we have to jump. We got to jump. That’s the only way we are getting out of here,” Adams explained.

He said this all happened in seconds after being woken up by his roommate knocking on his bedroom door at 4:00 Friday morning.

“Her face was all black from the smoke and she has second degree burns and she was like, ‘I’m looking for the dog,’” Adams said. “We couldn’t find the dog so we kind of really had to make a life decision.”

Adams says the dog is still missing, but he’s glad everyone else is okay.

He went to the hospital and was treated for his finger, leg, and arm sprain. Adam’s roommate has burns from looking for her dog in the fire. His girlfriend was hurt the worst. She broke her leg when she jumped out of the window.

“Cynthia she’s actually in surgery right now for her leg. She has to have two surgeries because she broke it bad,” Adams said.

The American Red Cross was at the Dover Apartment complex. Contact them and ask about their disaster relief services if the apartment fire impacted you.

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