Residents react to Spring Hill Mayor’s emergency order

An emergency order was signed by the Spring Hill Mayor Wednesday.
Published: May. 19, 2022 at 8:56 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The city of spring hill continues to face a critical water shortage Thursday.

City leaders ordered community members to cut back on things like watering lawns for the next few days as they continued to fight this problem.

Homeowners said their lawn gets regular watering, that’s what keeps it so green, but a critical water shortage in spring hill means this lawn may have to go about seven days without water. Richard Berg waters his lawn about four times a week.

“I try to keep it green, keep the weeds out, the tall fescue, and it takes a lot of water in months like July and August to do that,” Berg said.

Now, Richard and hundreds of people living in spring hill are being told to cut back.

“Not good news because I water my lawn a lot.”

City leaders say you can’t water your lawn, wash your car, or fill up a pool.

“Any nonessential water use has to cease,” Spring Hill Mayor Jim Hagaman said.

This is all because of a critical water shortage.

“We have to have 40 percent of our water reserve to fight fires on multiple fronts; if we do not have 40%, we are in a danger zone,” Hagaman said.

Mayor Jim Hagaman said a delay in shipping parts to fix an issue with the city’s water system is causing the shortage.

“As a result of the demand on the system and not having a booster station up and running, this is why we had to issue this order,” Hagaman said.

Richard says this issue could significantly affect the city if it goes on too long.

“I hope we can have water for emergency reasons and all of the city’s growth; how are all these new houses going to come in with no water,” Berg said.

When asked about his lawn, Berg said, “They will recover. I would hope so, but they won’t look good for a while.”

City Leaders said restricting water to save lives is essential, and the emergency shortage will be over in the next few days.

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