Online outlets driving price up for baby formula

More price gouging continues online as people look for baby formula.
Published: May. 18, 2022 at 7:59 PM CDT
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LEBANON, Tenn. (WSMV) - Searching online for baby formula has been quite the expensive task for the Illobre family.

“This is a pain in your heart when you’re worried,” Lebanon grandmother of a 2-month-old girl Lisa Illobre said.

Illobre posted on Facebook about the struggles she and her son have had trying to find a specific formula brand for her granddaughter. They will be running out soon.

“I was appalled. He showed me another screenshot of another company selling it for $1,650 for three cans. That’s more price gouging that’s hurting the American children. That’s hurting babies,” Illobre said.

Over a month’s time, her son Thomas said he’s spent more than $1,200 online for formula.

Witnessing baby formula price gouging has been frustrating for this family.

“A lot of times if you put an offer in the minimum bid that they’re requesting is, let’s say, a hundred bucks and put $101 in there, they’ll automatically decline it, and they’re probably doing that to drive up the bids,” Thomas Illobre said. “People are driving up the bid on the formula. I would call it extortion.”

Lisa Illobre believes the Biden Administration should have stepped in at the start of the baby formula shortage.

“I would employ our government and our administration to do more than what they’re doing right now. They’re not doing enough,” Lisa Illobre said.

On Wednesday, the Biden Administration did invoke the Defense Production Act to boost baby formula production and authorized flights to bring imports from overseas.

Lisa Illobre said since posting on Facebook she’s received an outpouring of support ranging from calls, breastmilk and where she can find a specific brand.

She said she’s blessed by so many reaching out to fill the gap.

“Seeing that people actually care about strangers, well my hope’s restored,” Lisa Illobre said. ‘It’s not as cloudy as I thought it was because now I see that they’re still really good people out here.”

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