Moms searching for alternatives with ongoing formula shortage

The ongoing baby formula shortage now has mothers trying alternatives to feed their baby.
Published: May. 17, 2022 at 9:09 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The ongoing baby formula shortage now has mothers trying alternatives to feed their babies.

There’s an old practice some are now trying. Dozens of mothers are now looking for wet nurses – that’s a mother who breastfeeds another woman’s baby – something dozens of mothers said is making all the difference.

At five months old, Scarlett is just minutes away from getting her second round of breast milk on Tuesday, breast milk Crystal Herrera, her mother, said she’s lucky she can provide.

“There are some moms that do formula and are now thinking, ‘Man, I really wish I could breastfeed,’” Herrera said.

With a nationwide formula shortage, Daysy Lozano is one of those mothers.

“You got to the store and I mean the shelves are empty,” Lozano said.

For health reasons, Lozano can’t breastfeed. That makes trying to feed her daughter Lola these past few months feel impossible.

“My daughter is premature, so they put her on Similac specifically for premature babies, but when you go, there’s nothing there,” Lozano said.

Hundreds of mothers facing the same issues are turning to Facebook groups, groups now filled with mothers looking for both baby formula and breastmilk.

“I was already using donor milk because she was a premature baby, she wasn’t gaining any weight, so I just had to trust in the donor,” Lozano said.

Donors such as Herrera are able to help other moms.

“I am actually helping a couple of moms out with their babies,” Herrera said.

Soon Herrera said she’ll be doing more than just sending out her breast milk. She says she’s willing to breastfeed other babies.

“If I come across a baby that’s hungry, I’m going to feed it,” Herrera said.

A service Lozano said she’s now looking into getting.

“I do have another lady who said that if I am ever running out and I need to feed her that she will love to meet in a public place to feed her,” Lozano said.

While Lozano and dozens of mothers said they are grateful so many mothers are willing to help, Herrera said she’s happy too.

Usually using a wet nurse is safe and healthy, but some mothers said people need to make sure they’re turning to a mother they can trust.

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