Looking for cheapest gas could cause issues with vehicles

Due to the increasing cost of gas, some drivers are only filling their tanks halfway or less. Hear why this could cause issue
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 7:12 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - While you look for ways to save money at the pump, experts said shopping around for the cheapest price may soon case issues.

AAA said when drivers stop to gas, many said they just fill up their tank. Now, with the price of as inching closer to $5 per gallon for some grades, some are switching to fill up with about half a tank or less. Experts said that could soon cause problems.

Danny James stops at least once a week to fill his gas tank.

“For my job, I drive typically about 700 miles a week, so gas prices are a big deal for me,” he said.

Gas is at a price now that James said makes driving to work meetings and taking his son to school much harder.

“I thought they were going down, but then they just shot up again,” James said.

After weeks of paying $3.62 a gallon to now paying almost $5, James has stopped filling his tank.

“If I have to get gas and it’s higher than I want, I’ll only do half a tank and then I’ll drive to somewhere where I can get a lower price,” James said.

Derrick Guinn is doing the same thing.

“I usually fill up probably about half or maybe three-quarters of a tank just to be able to move around and save a little money in my pocket,” Guinn said.

AAA said with more drivers driving around on a low tank searching for cheaper gas, we could see more of them running out of gas.

“You make it to where you are driving into the gas station when you have one mile left. You may make it, you may not make it,” AAA Spokesperson Megan Cooper said.

Still, to save money and avoid making a call to AAA, James said his gauge is always well over a quarter of a tank.

“I keep a pretty close watch on it, but I can see where somebody could do that and it could be a problem,” James said.

Another problem running low on gas causes is damage to your engine. That’s why experts advise keeping your tank far from empty.

While saving money at the pump is important, AAA experts said getting roadside assistance could end up costing you more than just filling up your tank.

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