Baby formula crisis has moms looking for alternatives

Published: May. 13, 2022 at 6:44 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The baby formula crisis has moms looking for alternatives and now doctors are warning parents to be careful of what they choose. As mothers look for ways around the formula shortage, some are even considering turning to milk from animals. Local Springs Dairy farmers told News 4 it’s something they drank as infants.

It’s pumped twice every morning at Noble Springs Dairy Farm, goat milk, something Dustin Nobles and his wife Justyne say many people turn to for nutrients.

“The proteins and fat molecules are smaller so it can be easier for some people to digest that may have some issues with other dairy sources, Dustin said.”

When Dustin and Justyne saw hundreds of posts from mothers online desperate for baby formula, they made a post of their own to help.

“We were just trying to help out and let people know that that can be an option for their children to drink goat milk and to speak to their pediatrician about it, Justyne said.”

But, that’s not what doctors said, Pediatricians said goat milk can be dangerous. For infants, goat milk can cause anemia, infection, and inhibit growth. Dustin said that wasn’t the case for him growing up.

“My brother and I were allergic to cow’s milk and formula as infants, Dustin said.”

Drinking goat milk as an alternative changed Dustin’s life.

“So that is how I actually got into goats and when we saw that there was a shortage of formula we decided that we need to put this out there, Dustin said.”

Although it worked out for Dustin, doctors said studies show goat milk can do more harm than good for infants.

Before parents consider any alternatives for formula, doctors say first ask your pediatrician what is safe and what they recommend.

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