Tennessee residents avoid pump due to high prices

The nationwide average gas price is up 14 cents from last week. Tennessee residents discuss how these prices are hurting them
Published: May. 9, 2022 at 10:53 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) -Pain at the pump continues and it’s leaving some people wondering, “When will gas prices become affordable?”

The nationwide average gas price is $4.32 a gallon. It’s up 14 cents from last week and about $1.40 more than gas prices in May 2021.

“33 gallons is pretty insane. That’s not what it used to be,” Tanner Highman said as he filled up his truck with gas.

Highman does construction work and needs to fill up his truck every couple of days. This time, he was expecting to pay about 130 dollars for gas but ended up paying $153.

“That did not make me too happy. That definitely hurt the chest because I just worked a hard day today and it’s crazy. Because usually you get a big percentage of that to just have fun with, but now it just goes right back into the car.”

Highman said he’s been shopping around and looking for the most affordable gas prices near Mt Juliet.

“I was running on ‘E’ because these gas prices are insanely high. I’m just trying to find the best gas station to go to.”

In Wilson County, gas costs anywhere between $3.99 to $4.39. The average gas price in Nashville is $4.17.

“I don’t even think I’m going to fill up my tank honestly because that’s too much. So, I’ll probably only spend $30 here,” said Taylor Haraway. She commutes to Nashville from Wilson County.

Haraway says she tries to prioritize more expensive fuel in her budget.

“That’s more important than going to the grocery store sometimes because of how expensive it [gas] is getting,” said Haraway.

“It sucks because you want to travel far across the country to do some fun stuff, but it’s not even worth it to drive and now flights are going up because of these gas prices,” Highman said.

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