Gas prices drop in Tennessee

Metro residents have noticed a 9 cent decrease in gas this week.
Published: Apr. 11, 2022 at 5:45 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) -A gallon of gas is somewhat cheaper than what consumers have been spending over the last month.

In early March, Tennessee reached its highest average for a gallon of gas at $4.13. Now, in the metro Nashville area, the average for a gallon of gas is $3.91 which is just slightly about the state’s average of $3.89.

“Fortunately for us in Tennessee we’ve finally gotten some good news in regard to gas prices,” said Megan Coopers, a spokesperson for Triple A.

Cooper says the metro area has seen a nine-cent decrease compared to a week ago.

“We’re seeing gas prices a little over 20 cents cheaper right now than we were a little over a month ago which is great news for drivers especially as we head into the summer travel season,” said Cooper.

Drivers News 4 talked with at the pump were glad to know prices are going down, but they’re still high compared to just a few months ago.

“I do a lot of driving for work, so I’ll notice it up in Gallatin or something that it’ll be $3.79 but they’re still pretty high,” said Russ Pentecost.

Elahu Dixon commutes to work. He shops around for the cheapest gas in and around the city.

“Definitely going to find the cheapest gas these days instead of just going to fill up at any place. Do my best to get a discount at any place to get a discount,” said Dixon.

Gas experts credit a lower price of crude oil for the reason consumers are paying less at the pump.

“The biggest change we have seen in the market is declining crude oil prices over the course of last week. We were seeing crude oil trade for less than a $100 per barrel,” said Cooper.

Many drivers are hoping the price continues to go downward. Experts say it’s up to world events and the global oil market.

“The market is still pretty volatile so borrowing any big changes in the market in the short term. It does seem pretty likely that we’re going to see those decreases at the pump through this week. However, that’s still not to say something big can happen in the oil market that could reverse that,” said Cooper.

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