Twelve Irish Whiskey Smash

Lipman Brothers has more on the best Irish Whiskey to help celebrate Saint Patrick's Day!
Published: Mar. 17, 2022 at 1:41 PM CDT
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Irish Toast

  • May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future
  • May your troubles be less and your blessings be more
  • Always remember to forget the things that made you sad
  • May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live

SLAINTE - SLAWN-CHE (means health)

Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey Smash

We used the Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey for our recipe, so we call it Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey Smash


  • 2 Oz Irish Whiskey
  • 1/4 Lemon
  • 1 Oz Simple Syrup
  • 3-4 Mint Leaves


  1. Add Mint leaves, lemon juice, and simple syrup to your rocks glass. Muddle this mixture.
  2. Fill the glass with ice.
  3. Add whiskey.
  4. Garnish with a mint sprig.
  5. Stir and enjoy.


Alternatively, you can add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake before straining into your ice-filled glass.

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