Homeowners say address confusion is leading to mail delays

It's a situation that has homeowners in middle Tennessee area scratching their heads.
Updated: Mar. 3, 2022 at 7:00 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) -From smaller concerns to bigger ones and what it means for their future.

The question plaguing some homeowners in the Burkitt Ridge subdivision is where do I live?

“I paid for a specific address and city and resale value, and that’s kind of like the biggest thing,” resident Lyn told News4.

The deed says Nolensville, but neighbors tell News4 their mail keeps getting bounced around and ending up at the Antioch post office.

“It just became apparent that there’s a problem,” Cynthia Nyquist said.

Nyquist’s home is close to the town of Nolensville but is still in Davidson County.

When News4 Investigates called the Davidson County Property Assessor’s office, they confirmed both women’s addresses are listed as Antioch, TN. That’s not what Nyquist and Lyn thought when they bought their houses from Regent Homes.

“Because what we paid for our house is a Nolensville price,” Nyquist said.

On the Regent Homes website, it has an address on Tasker Drive, which has an address of Nolensville, TN. But when we asked the Davidson County Property Assessor about this same address, they told us it is in Antioch, Davidson County.

“As far as Regent, they already know my opinion. I’ve spoken with them. They already know this is a problem,” Lyn said.

News4 reached out to the owner of Regent homes for an on-camera interview, but he declined. The owner told News4 they’re in ongoing talks with the postmaster about the address confusion. The owner also said that it’s clearly written in the deeds that their homes are in Davidson County and not Williamson. But the women say they understood and are well aware they were in Davidson but thought they would still have a Nolensville address and zip code.

News4 reached out to the post office to address the confusion, they issued a statement saying:

“The Postal Service plays an important role in the community and always strives to provide excellent service. As information, ZIP Codes and their coinciding delivery service areas are created for the purpose of enhancing efficiency of the processing and delivery of mail. ZIP Code assignments in new growth areas are linked to factors such as mail volume, delivery area size, geographic location, and the Postal Service’s ability to provide its customers the best possible service. In this case, the addresses in question are serviced by the Antioch, TN, Post Office with a ZIP Code of 37013.

Those postal customers may use Antioch, TN 37013, or, as an alternate, Cane Ridge, TN 37013, as the last line of their mailing address. Customers also have the option of renting a Post Office Box at the Nolensville Post Office if they prefer to have a Nolensville, TN mailing address. Local management will continue to work with residents to ensure every effort is being made to provide efficient and accurate delivery of their mail. We appreciate the patience and understanding of these valued customers, and apologize for any inconvenience they may have experienced.”

Becky Hernandez

United States Postal Service

Statement from United States Postal Service

When buying a home, check with the property assessor or tax assessor’s website. They can give you an accurate location and answer questions.

Also, check with the city or town’s zoning map. That will also give you an accurate look at the home if you’re trying to buy to determine if it’s in their city or town limits. Also, call your local post office to double-check the mailing address and the city.

If you have an issue, you can also file a complaint with the Real Estate Commission. For more information, click here:

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