Cumberland University student expresses overwhelming pride for home country under attack

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has many Americans concerned for their loved ones overseas.
Published: Mar. 1, 2022 at 9:51 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The Russian invasion of Ukraine has many Americans concerned for their loved ones overseas.

The nightmare continues for people in Middle Tennessee with family in Ukraine. Lina Young said her family is hiding in their basement around the clock, and Young is doing what she can to support them from so far away.

Young said she has overwhelming pride for her home country under attack. “I think this war has made me so proud of my country to see them handling a hard situation,” Young said.

Young posed for photos near the Tennessee State Capitol Tuesday with a homemade Ukrainian flag. “I want to show people who I am and where I am from,” Young said. “I have been making the flag all night until 4 a.m.”

The photoshoot comes after her last call of the day to her family back in Ukraine. “Every time I say goodbye, that could be my last goodbye,” Young said.

Young is a psychology student at Cumberland University. She was adopted when she was 16 and moved to Middle Tennessee. She remained close with her biological father, grandparents, sister, and aunt, who all stay in her hometown of Mykolayiv near the Black Sea. Videos sent from friend and family back home shows Russian presence in their city. “This is the first time I can talk about it and not cry,” Young said. “I don’t think I have any more tears left.”

Young has been organizing rallies in Nashville and trying to get local support. She said she would post her photos with her flag everywhere, prouder than ever of where she is from. “To make sure anybody who sees me standing outside here in Nashville... It gets to people who make decisions about supporting a country,” Young said.

Young said she was supposed to visit her family in Ukraine in June, but she said she is unsure what will happen now. However, she said she is optimistic that the war will end, and she will see them again soon.

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