Community members fight to keep historic Maury Co. bridge open

The community says the bridge needs to stay. Danielle Jackson reports.
Published: Mar. 2, 2022 at 5:57 PM CST
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MAURY CO., TN (WSMV) – Members of the Maury County community are pushing to keep a bridge open and accessible after the county officials closed it off for safety reasons.

However, community members who want to keep the Sandy Hook Five Arch Bridge don’t want this landmark demolished. Community members say the county has deemed the bridge unsafe because of its aging structure.

Philip Crews have lived in this Mt. Pleasant community all his life. But, he says more memories are centered around this bridge that many people genuinely cherish.

“When you think of Sandy Hook, you think of this bridge,” said Crews.

Wednesday afternoon News 4 crews captured images of the closed bridge. Crews say the county placed center blocks and a road closed sign for safety reasons.

Crews and other group members of the “Sandy Hook Five Arch Bridge” Facebook page say the structure shouldn’t be removed due to its historical significance.

“At one time, it was the only connection between Columbia and Florence, Alabama. Originally,

there were only five of these in the country, and now this could be the only one,” said Crews.

Dr. Pitts Hinson grew up in the area too. He’s passionate about this community and wants to see the bridge stay. The group has raised approximately $5,000 towards legal fees, engineers, and other venues to fight to keep the bridge.

“It has an architectural design using the arch. It’s a five-arch span dale bridge. That’s a design that goes back to the earliest times all the way back to Roman history, where they used this design for strength. This bridge is not a danger,” said Hinson.

To keep the bridge, Crews would even like the possibility of looking at other alternatives.

“If it couldn’t be saved as a bridge, it could be driven over. Our alternative would be to make it a walking bridge and a riding bridge,” said Hinson.

News 4 reached out to the Maury County Department of Transportation for more information regarding their plans for the bridge. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on a response.

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