Mother of DJ Barrett reacts to autopsy results, trying to keep son’s death in public eye

Family photos of Dallas Jordan Barrett, who died after an altercation inside Dierks Bentley's...
Family photos of Dallas Jordan Barrett, who died after an altercation inside Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row on Aug. 16, 2021.(WSMV)
Published: Feb. 11, 2022 at 7:16 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Following an autopsy that showed 22-year-old Dallas Jordan Barrett was murdered at Whiskey Row on Broadway, his mother is doubting the accuracy of video provided by the bar.

She said the new video is too short to tell what really happened that day.

Several times a week, you’ll find Tammy Barrett leading protests outside Whiskey Row.

“No matter what happened, from anything I’ve seen, there is no reason or justification for my son to die there,” said Barrett.

Barrett said it wasn’t until she got the recent autopsy results that she could verify her son died from asphyxia. The medical examiner declared it a homicide, something she suspected.

“I’m anticipating to hopefully have charges in the next couple of months,” said Barrett.

Whiskey Row recently released two more videos to show what they said led up to the altercation. The bar said the video showed Dallas Barrett turn, lunge and assault a security guard after he was asked to leave.

They said Dallas Barrett was told to exit after Barrett, in the other video, shoved his friend in the white shirt, pushes a young woman dancing and bounces into the security guard.

Tammy Barrett said that’s not what she sees.

“No, it wasn’t a forceful push,” said Barrett. “He was telling Bradyn to move and get out of the way, go on, and the young lady that they claimed he pushed, this is not a push, and if he were to push her, as big as he is, it would have been much different.”

The new video released by the bar is several seconds long.

“That’s 23 seconds of video for something that happened for several minutes,” said Barrett.

For Barrett, she’ll keep pushing to get answers from that night.

“This has affected me more than anything in the world,” said Barrett. “I mean, I was talking to DJ this morning while I was getting ready. It’s never going to get easier I don’t think.”

Metro Police said it is still investigating the death. Whiskey Row said it wants more clarification on the autopsy report.

Barrett does plan to have a larger protest outside Whiskey Row on Saturday night.

Office of Professional Accountability has wrapped up its investigation into the homicide and has found the claims from Whiskey Row to be unfounded.

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