4 Your Community talks with Fulton brothers about The Trenches

Keith and Kristian Fulton opened The Trenches in the heart of the Buchanan Art District.
Keith and Kristian Fulton opened The Trenches in the heart of the Buchanan Art District.(WSMV)
Updated: Jan. 7, 2022 at 3:53 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Two brothers moved from New Orleans to Nashville two years ago with big dreams. One had plans to play football in the NFL, the other to open a clothing store with the hopes of his personal brand with the world. Combined, they formed The Trenches and they are using their success to motivate and inspire their community, 4 Your Community.

Right in the heart of the Buchanan Art District, lies a clothing store. Inside you’ll find Creative Fashion, Hip Hop art and an Abundance of Soul. So why did they choose the name The Trenches?

“We felt like a lot of the times the narrative of the trenches gets turned around and we wanted to change it and show that there’s a lot of Kings and Queens that come out of that environment.” Said Keith Fulton, co-owner of the Trenches.

The Trenches could also be a football metaphor describing what Keith’s brother and business partner Kristian does for his day job; as a cornerback for the Tennessee Titans. The two saw a need in an underserved community and acted on it.

“Being from New Orleans it’s a lot of spots and stores that you can go. Where you can get fresh at and you can kick it. So me and my brother were just talking about it and said we can do that here.” Said Fulton.

And this is what they’ve done. Brought their brand “Kashville” to Nashville. As channel 4 reporters toured the store, Fulton showcased what they’ve been working on.

“So this is the “Kashville” brand that I was telling you about that we have with the “Kashville” Tees. We have the Jerseys as well. And then we have another brand called Can’t Buy Respect with the signature “Not For Sale” tees.” Fulton said.

They also carry brands from Nike, Yeezy and Jay Z. But closer to home they also sell local art.

“One of the artist who’s done work for us is called Mag Pie.” Fulton told me. “She does a lot of work in the community and in Nashville she is well known. This is some of her work right here. She also did the mural on the front of the building.”

But the true work begins behind the curtains in a place called The Design Lab. Sewing machines, embroidery machines and machines for screen printing fill the room. It’s also where the Trenches gives back.

“We wanted to create a space where we have resources for up and coming designers and entreprenuers where they can learn how to better their brands.” He said.

So, they’ve partnered with TSU’s Fashion program so the students can do just that.

(How does it make you feel to be able to take a kid in college and say Hey man, we did it. You can do it. Let me show you how.) It feels good. A lot of people did it for me and my brother and we want to do it for them and for others as we continue to grow.” Fulton said.

Fulton also told reporters that he has seen some very talented student designers come through his doors. That’s a positive thing. Another positive aspect is the growth he sees in the Buchanan community. A growth he hopes won’t stop with The Trenches.

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