Volunteers from near and far help Mayfield begin clean-up

Gil Arterpurn volunteered with his kids and their friends to do cleanup work in Mayfield,...
Gil Arterpurn volunteered with his kids and their friends to do cleanup work in Mayfield, Kentucky, on Dec. 13, 2021.(WSMV)
Updated: Dec. 13, 2021 at 8:47 PM CST
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MAYFIELD, Ky. (WSMV) - After a deadly tornado tore through Mayfield, KY, people are starting to clean up what they can.

In Mayfield, buildings are unrecognizable. It’s hard to tell if some buildings were businesses or homes. For volunteers, it doesn’t matter who they know or who they don’t - they just want to lend a hand.

When you first drive in to Mayfield, the mass amount of destruction makes the city unrecognizable; it’s hard to know where to begin the clean up.

“When we first got here it didn’t seem like you knew where to start,” says Gil Arterpurn. He’s a volunteer who came with his kids and their friends from Paducah.

“They told us since we have chainsaws and things to just come down here to Sixth Street and start cleaning up yards and piling it by the street,” Arterpurn says.

More hands is what Mayfield needs.

“Right now they are hurting,” says Celeste Britomoss, who came in from Atlanta for her mother-in-laws birthday when the tornado hit. “We were a quarter of mile away from where you see all this damage and it sounded like train just coming through. It was horrible, it was horrible, but I knew God had us.”

With a family owned food truck and donations, Britomoss and her family are grilling up hot dogs, burgers, chicken, all to feed the people and volunteers.

“For this being right here free of charge, that’s what helping one another is about,” says Antonio Gonzalez.

Mayfield may never be the city was, but the people who came to lend a hand a hand are a start.

“It seemed impossible and now we’ve almost cleaned up this whole yard,” says Arterpurn.

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