Bowling Green community unites after tornado damages city

We have a crew in the Creekwood neighborhood of neighborhood of Bowling Green.
We have a crew in the Creekwood neighborhood of neighborhood of Bowling Green.(WKYT)
Updated: Dec. 11, 2021 at 10:40 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WSMV) - Experiencing an E-F3 tornado tearing through parts of Bowling Green, Kentucky, will forever be Etched in Jenny Lindsey’s mind.

“We heard it and it sounded like a freight train going,” Lindsey said. “Our curtain went up and all you saw was a funnel going like that.”

Lindsey is one of the several people who receive items and shelter inside South Warren Middle school-where the American Red Cross has been set up all day.

Just a few miles down the road, there are more volunteers inside of another Warren County school providing water, diapers, food, and other items to help this community get back on its feet.

School buses made their rounds picking up families stranded in the Creekwood Avenue area taking them to the nearby middle school.

“If families are walking here because they don’t have transportation, we’re assessing what’s going on and we’re taking care of their immediate need,” Todd Hazel said.

Forceful tornado winds took off the roofs of several homes. One lady took cover inside of her second-floor apartment closet.

“I turned around to sit down in the closet and the window blew out and the whole wall just blew in toward me,” Jennifer Locke said. “My bed flew up in the air so if I would have been in that bed I would have been hurt.”

Even though this has been such a tragedy, people here are glad to know that they have a helping hand.

And if it wasn’t for Salvation Army, the school and the staff with Salvation Army and the American Red Cross this is what family should be this time,” Locke said.

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