With restrictions lifted, “Bach Babes” is ready to cater to parties visiting Nashville

News4's Ryan Breslin joins with the impact reopening Nashville will have on the tourism industry.
News4's Ryan Breslin joins with the impact reopening Nashville will have on the tourism industry.(WSMV)
Updated: May. 14, 2021 at 12:17 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Nashville is back to pre-pandemic capacity restrictions, meaning bars and restaurants can be fully open.

With those limits lifted, tourists are bound to flock back to lower Broadway and around the city.

One company already seeing the benefits is “Bach Babes,” a bachelorette party planning business that started during the pandemic.

Founder Mallory Strange said she first got the idea when a friend was coming to Music City for a bachelorette weekend and wanted to ship Strange all the party supplies so she wouldn’t have to bring them on the plane.

When Strange offered to help put the decorations up, she realized there was a market for this type of service.

“We’re solving a gambit of problems for people. The maid of honor doesn’t want to bring a carryon suitcase with all the stuff that she needs to bring, the maid of honor also doesn’t want to shoo her bride away when they first get to Nashville to just throw up some balloons really fast, and get back and it’s done, but the bride has been gone for three hours and missed half the weekend,” said Strange. “They don’t want to just spend their experience in Nashville having to decorate. People are willing to pay for convenience.”

That’s when the business was born. She first helped a few parties starting in October but “Bach Babes” didn’t immediately take off until some encouragement from her boyfriend to make a website and a TikTok in March.

“Overnight the TikTok absolutely blew up,” explained Strange. “I had inquiry after inquiry after inquiry of people just wanting to reach out who were coming to Nashville with bachelorette parties.”

Strange said since that overnight success, her company has just had continued momentum.

“TikTok, their algorithm is so specific that if you’re even thinking about going to a bachelorette party, somehow Bachelorette party TikTok is going to show up on your feed.”

Right now, “Bach Babes” does everything from decorating the rental where parties are staying, putting together ‘Bach’ bags, and creating itineraries so the party is planned when groups arrive.

“We have lots of partnerships with things like limo companies, party buses, things like that so basically it enhances the groups trip. When they come to Nashville, they get discounts at restaurants, bars, hotels, anything like that so that they do feel like they have that VIP experience. We partner with the Virgin Hotel, we partner with 21c Hotel in downtown and their restaurant that’s there, we partner with Paddywax, the candle making company in the Gulch. We partner with extreme party bus, peddle taverns, so many things.”

And her company is expanding to parties off all kinds.

“We don’t just do bachelorette parties, we do birthday parties, we do girls weekend trips, we’ve had people reach out about divorce parties,” said Strange.

The business is also growing. Thanks to the influx of people wanting their bachelorette parties done by “Bach Babes,” she’s brought on four part-time decorators this week and is giving real-world work experience to two interns.

“We book about 10 to 15 parties a week and we have probably 50 to 60 parties reach out a week, just new inquiries a week. So it’s just absolutely insane. And so to that, that just explains Nashville’s industry.”

Between now and September, Strange said there are about 150 parties booked.

When Metro Health and the Mayor’s Office announced that restrictions would be lifted on May 14, she saw the impact because up until then, groups were hesitant to book if they couldn’t dance.

“Whenever we posted out there and said restrictions are lifting May14th, we had so many groups reach out and say we’ve been waiting for this, let’s book, let’s go.”

And that means the businesses she sends those groups to will also be getting more business.

“We love it because more groups are going to come and then the groups that are coming love it because they are actually able to have a better time, sit with all of their friends, get into the bars, dance, and it’s a win win for everybody, really.”

Strange said while it’s hard to know how the tourism industry will recover from the pandemic, she feels like she has a looking glass with the parties already booked and all the groups that reach out.

“I feel like I kind of have a pulse on the future of what’s coming and I would say tourism is on it’s way back in Nashville.”

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