Massage therapist fails lie detector test on Dr. Phil

Tarek Mentouri
Tarek Mentouri(WSMV)
Updated: Oct. 30, 2020 at 6:00 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The Nashville massage therapist accused of sexually violating women failed a lie detector test and admitted he made up a twin brother all while appearing on a two-part episode of Dr. Phil.

Tarek Mentouri has been the subject of multiple reports from News4 Investigates that exposed, among other disturbing actions, that he was practicing without a license.

While appearing on Dr. Phil, Mentouri failed a lie detector test about his claims that he did not place his genitals on a woman.

The test was conducted by a man Dr. Phil called a nationally renowned expert, who described Mentouri’s test results as “major deception.”

The woman who prompted that lie detector test is one of 18 News4 Investigates has interviewed that claim Mentouri sexually violated them during massages or job interviews.

She continues to ask News4 Investigates to only use her first name, Julia, because she is afraid Mentouri will find her.

“(Dr. Phil) is a national platform – I wanted to let as many people as possible know what (Mentouri’s) done,” Julia said.

On the episode, Mentouri admitted he made up a fake twin to blame for assaulting the women.

“The twin was supposed to be a joke,” Mentouri said.

“He said he was making a joke. You obviously don’t find this very funny,” said News4 Investigates to Julia.

“No, it’s not funny at all. Not in the slightest,” Julia said.

Dr. Phil also brought on a panel of body language experts, including Nashville resident Scott Rouse.

“What’s your take on Mr. Mentouri,” asked News4 Investigates.

“You made a good call on this guy. You nailed it. The kind of person – in my opinion – that has explosive anger,” Rouse said.

“Do you find him to be a dangerous individual?” asked News4 Investigates.

“On a scale of 1 to 10 – I’m at a 10. I’m voting on the psychopath side. I think he has a dangerous personality,” Rouse said.

A spokeswoman for Metro Police said she has no update on any potential charges that Mentouri may face.

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