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Slideshow: Alleged victims of Weinstein speak out

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This combination photo shows actresses who are among the many women who have spoken out against Harvey Weinstein in on-the-record reports that detailed claims of sexual abuse. (AP Photo/File) This combination photo shows actresses who are among the many women who have spoken out against Harvey Weinstein in on-the-record reports that detailed claims of sexual abuse. (AP Photo/File)

(Meredith) – More than two dozen women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein, a former Hollywood executive.

The allegations range from unwanted touching to unwelcome sexual advances to rape. Many of the women are claiming Weinstein would invite them to a hotel, dismiss anyone who was accompanying them, and suggest they go to his room for a massage, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Taken together, the accusations weave an alleged history of sexual predation that spans decades. Here are some of the women who have spoken up to tell their traumatic experiences with Weinstein.

Asia Argento

In 1997, actress-director Asia Argento alleges she was invited to a party, or what she believed would be a party. When she arrived at the hotel, she said Weinstein was the only person present.

“After the rape, he won,” she told the New Yorker.

Argento said a scene in her movie Scarlet Diva was inspired by what happened with Weinstein in that hotel room.

Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette, famous for her role in Pulp Fiction, says she went to Weinstein's hotel room in the 1990s to get a script from him. She alleges he answered the door in a robe and asked her for a massage. She rejected him and claims her career has suffered ever since. 

"I'll never be that girl," she said she told him in an article in the New Yorker. 

Jessica Barth

Jessica Barth, the actress who played Tami-Lynn in Ted, says Weinstein invited her up to his hotel room to discuss her career. She said he ordered Champagne and sushi, and asked her to give him a naked massage in bed. 

She said she left the room in tears after he said she should lose weight so she could "compete with Mila Kunis."

Seth MacFarlane, who starred alongside Barth in Tedreleased a statement on Twitter on the Weinstein allegations after Barth came forward.

"I respect and applaud my friend Jessica and those sharing stories for their decision to come forward, and for being champions of the truth." -Seth MacFarlane

Zoë Brock

Zoe Brock, a model from New Zealand, told her story on Medium. She claims she met the former Hollywood executive in Cannes at the Film Festival 1997. She said at first she felt safe around Weinstein, but that changed when she ended up in a car with just Weinstein and two of his friends around midnight. She calls it a "ruse" to get her separated from the group.

She alleges Weinstein was attempting to get her to his hotel room. In her article, she said Weinstein was naked and kept asking for a massage. 

"Harvey chased me...and banged on the door with his fists, pleading with me to come out," she said.

She also said Weinstein's assistant, Ben Silverman, told her, “I’m so sorry. I want you to know that of all the girls he does this to you are the one I really felt bad about. You deserve better.”

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Emma de Caunes

Emma de Caunes, a French actress, said Weinstein invited her to his hotel room in 2010 to discuss a movie adaptation of a book. When she arrived, he was naked, she claims.

“I was very petrified,” de Caunes said to the New Yorker. “But I didn’t want to show him that I was petrified because I could feel that the more I was freaking out, the more he was excited.”

She said she gathered all the courage she had and left the room, slamming the door behind her. 

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne, an actress who starred in Paper Towns, said her interactions with Weinstein started at the beginning of her acting career. She said he called her and asked her if she had ever slept with another woman. He also gave her unsolicited sexual advice, she alleges. 

A few years later, Delevingne said Weinstein had a meeting with her and another actress in a hotel room where he allegedly asked the two of them to kiss. He also tried to kiss her before she left the room, she said in a post on Instagram

She also tweeted about her experience.

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Dawn Dunning

Dawn Dunning said she met Weinstein while she was waiting tables at a nightclub. She was invited to his hotel room after he promised her a screen test for Miramax, the Los Angeles Times reported.

When she arrived, Weinstein was sitting behind a coffee table in his bathrobe, she said. In front of him were three Hollywood contracts. She said he told her she could sign them if she had a threesome with him.

When she laughed it off as a joke, she said Weinstein told she would never make it in the Hollywood business.

"I felt humiliated. I felt embarrassed," she said in an interview on NBC's Nightly News with Lester Holt. "I just felt so taken advantage of. I thought he was really going to help me."

Lucia Evans

Lucia Evans said she met Weinstein right before her senior year in college. Aware of his behavior through various rumors, she said she only agreed to meet with him during the day. However, when she arrived for an audition, she was taken to an office with just Weinstein inside.

According to Evans, Weinstein allegedly forced her to perform oral sex on him. 

“I said, over and over, ‘I don’t want to do this, stop, don’t,’ ” she told the Washington Post. “I tried to get away, but maybe I didn’t try hard enough. I didn’t want to kick him or fight him.… He’s a big guy. He overpowered me.”

She also told the New Yorker that after the incident with Weinstein, other areas of her life began to be affected, including her schoolwork and relationships. She even had to see a therapist because her friends and family were concerned she might take her own life. 

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Romola Garai

Actress Romola Garai said Weinstein had her audition for him in a hotel room while she was wearing nothing but a dressing gown.

“Like every other woman in the industry, I’ve had an ‘audition’ with Harvey Weinstein, where I’d actually already had the audition but you had to be personally approved by him,” she said to the Guardian.

She said the experience left her "violated" and Weinstein humiliated her with his "abuse of power."

“The point was that he could get a young woman to do that, that I didn’t have a choice, that it was humiliating for me," she said. "And that he had the power. It was an abuse of power.”

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Ambra Battilana Gutierrez

Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez claimed Weinstein groped her during a 2015 meeting. She reported the alleged groping to the New York Police Department. She agreed to wear a wire and meet with Weinstein the next day. 

In the audio, Weinstein can be heard saying, "I'm a famous guy. I'm used to that," according to an article from the Los Angeles Times. Weinstein can also be heard repeatedly urging her not to embarrass him in front of his friends.

[Mobile Users Click Here For The Audio]

A Manhattan district attorney declined to charge Weinstein, despite having the audio recording.

Louisette Geiss

Louisette Geiss alleged Weinstein was sexually inappropriate with her at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. She said she met with Weinstein to discuss a pitch of hers. During their brief meeting, Weinstein invited her up to his hotel room to continue the discussion.

About half an hour into the meeting, Geiss said Weinstein left the room and returned in only a bathrobe, encouraging her to continue talking as he got in the hot tub.

She released a statement on Tuesday, saying Weinstein asked her to watch him masturbate.

Judith Godrèche

French actress Judith Godreche said she was 24 when she agreed to meet with Weinstein for breakfast at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival. She then went to his hotel room.

“The next thing I know, he’s pressing against me and pulling off my sweater,” she told the New York Times.

She took to Twitter to encourage other women to share their own experiences.

Heather Graham

Actress Heather Graham alleged her experience of Weinstein's sexual misconduct happened in the early 2000s. She said the former Hollywood executive called her into his office and told her he wanted her to be in one of his films.

“Later in the conversation, he mentioned that he had an agreement with his wife," Graham said to Variety. "He could sleep with whomever he wanted when he was out of town. I walked out of the meeting feeling uneasy. There was no explicit mention that to star in one of those films I had to sleep with him, but the subtext was there,” she said.

She also posted about the incident on her Instagram page.

Graham said a few weeks later, she was contacted to do a follow-up interview in Weinstein's hotel room, but reportedly felt "discomfort with the situation." She said he told her that her friend was already there in the hotel room with him and they would be disappointed if she didn't show up. Graham said she politely declined and said she could no longer stop by. 

Graham was never hired for one of his films again, she said.

Angelina Jolie

Actress Angelia Jolie said she had a "bad experience" with Weinstein in the 1990s around the time of her film Playing by Heart.

Jolie didn't go into much detail but did say she "chose to never work with him again and warn others when they did," according to the Los Angeles Times.

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd said Weinstein invited her up to his hotel room in 1997 while she was working on her thriller Kiss the Girls. Judd said she thought she was meeting Weinstein for breakfast but was sent to his hotel room instead.

When she arrived, she claims he was in a bathrobe and asked her to give him a massage or watch him shower. 

“I said no, a lot of ways, a lot of times, and he always came back at me with some new ask,” Judd said to the LA Times. “It was all this bargaining, this coercive bargaining.”

Katherine Kendall

Katherine Kendall, known for her role in the movie Swingers, said she was meeting with Weinstein in 1993 when he excused himself from the room and returned in a bathrobe.

Kendall told the New York Times that Weinstein asked her for a massage, but when she declined, he began bargaining with her, asking her to show him her breasts. 

“He literally chased me,” she said. “He wouldn’t let me pass him to get to the door.”

Kendall continued acting but said the incident with Weinstein "dampened her enthusiasm for the business."

Rose McGowan

The New York Times reported that Rose McGowan was among the women sexually harassed and assaulted by Weinstein. Weinstein paid McGowan a financial settlement in 1997, and on Tuesday she tweeted "now I am allowed to say rapist," according to an article from the Associated Press.

On Thursday, McGowan's account on Twitter was suspended but then restored.

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Emily Nestor

Emily Nestor, who in 2014 worked at the Weinstein Co. for one day, said Weinstein invited her to a hotel. She claims he told her that if she said yes to his sexual advances, it would boost her career, the New York Times reported.

Lauren O’Connor

Another employee of Weinstein Co., Lauren O'Connor, wrote a memo to the company focused on Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct. 

In the memo, she called the company a "toxic environment for women," the New York Times reported.

Some Twitter users praised O'Connor for her bravery.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow said that Weinstein assaulted her in his hotel room in 1996. Weinstein allegedly told Paltrow the meeting was about her film Emma.

Paltrow claims he placed his hand on her knee and suggested they go to the bedroom for massages, the LA times reported.

Paltrow said she told her boyfriend at the time, Brad Pitt, about the alleged misconduct. Pitt confronted Weinstein, and Weinstein threatened to fire her if she ever brought it up again, she said.

“I was a kid, I was signed up, I was petrified,” she said in an interview to the New York Times.

Tomi-Ann Roberts

Weinstein and Tomi-Ann Roberts met in 1984 when Roberts was waiting tables as an eager 20-year-old junior in college. She said he encouraged her to audition for movies, and asked her to meet him at the hotel room he was staying in.

When she arrived, she said Weinstein was in the bathtub naked and told her the audition would go much smoother if she was comfortable "getting naked in front of him," according to the New York Times.

Roberts then left the hotel room, apologizing to Weinstein, calling herself "too prudish" to get naked. She said she felt manipulated, thinking that Weinstein faked being interested in her.

“I was nobody! How had I ever thought otherwise?” she said to the New York Times.

Roberts is now a psychology professor at Colorado College, studying and researching sexual objectification.

Léa Seydoux

Lea Seydoux said she and Weinstein met at a fashion show and said he insisted the two of them meet for drinks after. She said she could clearly tell his intentions.

"He invited me to come to his hotel room for a drink. We went up together. It was hard to say no because he’s so powerful," she said in an article she wrote for The Guardian. "All the girls are scared of him. Soon, his assistant left and it was just the two of us. That’s the moment where he started losing control."

She alleged she had to defend herself after he jumped on her and tried to kiss her. 

"He’s big and fat, so I had to be forceful to resist him. I left his room, thoroughly disgusted," she told The Guardian.

Lauren Sivan

Reporter Lauren Sivan recalled her experience with Weinstein after she said he trapped her in the hallway of a restaurant that was closed to the public, the LA Times reported.

She alleged Weinstein masturbated in front of her in the restaurant's kitchen.

Mira Sorvino

Actress Mira Sorvino said Weinstein allegedly tried to give her a massage and chased her around a hotel room.

“He started massaging my shoulders, which made me very uncomfortable, and then tried to get more physical, sort of chasing me around,” she told the New Yorker. 

She left the room, but a few months later she said Weinstein called her at midnight and told her he had a new idea and wanted to meet with her. She suggested an all-night diner, but Weinstein refused, telling her he was coming over to her apartment.

A post shared by Mira Sorvino (@mirasorvino) on

“I freaked out," she told the New Yorker. “I opened the door terrified, brandishing my twenty-pound Chihuahua mix in front of me, as though that would do any good.”

Sorvino said she told Weinstein that her new boyfriend was on his way over, which prompted Weinstein to leave.

She posted on speaking out against Weinstein on her Instagram page.

Lucia Stoller

Lucia Stoller alleged Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him in 2004. She said the meeting was supposed to be a casting meeting at the Miramax offices, the LA Times reported.

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