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Weightlifting recap: Men's 69kg and women's 63kg

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Men's 69kg group A

6:31 PM

A lot of red lights early on in this one. A number of lifters are going bold with their starting weight numbers for the snatch. I Ketut Ariana of Indonesia bombed out early. And there were 11. . . 

6:47 PM

Luis Javier Mosquera Lozano takes the lead with three lifters remaning, setting a new personal best at 155kg.

6:49 PM

Impressive start for Shi Zhiyong of China and Daniyar Ismayilov of Turkey, both lifing 156kg in their first attempt at the snatch.

6:53 PM

The lead belonged to Kim Myong Hok momentarily after a 157kg snatch. That was until Shi Zhiyong recorded a personal best with a 160kg lift. Ismayilov then lifted 160kg as well, a new personal best for him.

6:58 PM

Shi Zhiyong is on a mission, but Ismayilov isn't going to make it easy. Shi had a 162kg kift, but Ismayilov took a lead into the clean and jerk after a 163kg snatch.

7:28 PM

Ismayilov starts this segment strong with a 181kg clean and jerk to get his total to 344kg.

7:41 PM

Ismayilov raised his total to 348kg after a 185kg clean and jerk. Shi Zhiyong has yet to attempt his first lift during the clean and jerk segment. 

7:47 PM

Shi Zhiyong has lifted 188kg. Now he's out front with a total of 350kg

7:51 PM

Ismayilov completes a 188kg lift and takes the lead. Shi Zhiyong now has a target of 351kg for his total.

7:56 PM

Shi Zhiyong may have just clinched the gold medal with a 190kg clean and jerk. He now has a total of 352kg.


Women's 63kg group A

China's Deng Wei will be leaving the 2016 Rio Olympics with a gold medal and two world records.

In her final lift of the competition, Deng Wei set a new world record for the clean and jerk with 147kg and a new world record for total weight with 262kg. She held the previous clean and jerk world record with 146kg. 

Choe Hyo Sim truely earned the silver medal in the women's 63kg weight class. After a pair of controversial calls in the snatch, the North Korean lifter was left with 105kg heading into the second half of competition. She battled to the end, setting an Olympic record with a 143kg clean and jerk before Deng Wei took it away minutes later.

Karina Goricheva of Kazakstan will take home the bronze with a total weight of 243kg.

3:00 PM

We're about midway through the snatch section of the women's 64kg weight class. China's Deng Wei posts a 108kg lift on her first lift, setting the high mark to this point.

3:08 PM

Karina Goricheva of Kazakstan moves into first place with a snatch of 111kg.

3:10 PM 

Deng Wei takes over with a snatch of 112kg in her second lift and ties a personal best with 115kg in her thir lift. Also worth noting: Den Wei is the world record holder with a 146kg clean and jerk. So it might be tough to catch her in the second part of this competition.

3:34 PM

Mercedes Isabel Perez Tigrero of Colombia takes the lead (Deng Wei hasn't lifted in the clean and jerk) with a 130kg clean and jerk. But Goricheva of Kazakstan posts a 132kg clean and jerk for a total of 243kg.

3:42 PM

After a couple controversial calls (leaving her with a 105kg snatch) Choe Hyo Sim of North Korea catapults into second place for the moment with a 135kg clean and jerk.

3:46 PM

Goricheva holds first place with 243kg, but Deng Wei hasn't lifted. . . 

3:48 PM

Deng Wei sets a new Olympic record with a 138kg clean and jerk, as well as an Olympic record with a total of 253kg (with two lifts to go).

3:50 PM

Choe Hyo Sim takes the Olympic record away from Deng Wei. The North Korean completes a 143kg clean and jerk.

3:52 PM

The records are falling left and right. Deng Wei sets a new world record with a 147kg clean and jerk. She also set a new world record for total weight with 262kg.



Men's 69kg group B

9:39 AM

Won Jeong-Sik of South Korea takes over the group B leaderboard in his second attempt with a 143kg (315.2 lbs) snatch. Serghei Cechir immediately responded with a 144kg (317.4 lbs) snatch.

9:44 AM

That's where things stand heading into the clean and jerk after Won Jeong-Sik couldn't convert with 146kg (321.8 lbs) and Serghi Cehir also failed to lift 146kg (321.8 lbs).

10:20 AM 

Business is really picking up in the men's 69kg weight class. 320kg (705.4 lbs) total was the number to beat for moment after Won Jeong-Sik completes a 177kg (390.2 lbs) clean and jerk.

10:28 AM 

Serghei Cechir takes the lead at 322kg in group B after a 178kg (392.4 lbs) clean and jerk.

10:34 AM

Cechir holds on to his 322kg (709.8 lbs) total to close out group B with a lead

Women's 63kg group B

11:59 AM

There's just seven competitors in the women's 63kg group B. Business seemed to really pick up when Japan's Namika Matsumoto stepped up to the weights and lifted 90kg (198.4 lbs) in her first attempt.

After that Cuba's Marina De La C. Rodriguez Mitjan lifted 91kg (200.6 lbs) in her second attempt. Egypt's Esraa Ahmed then took over the lead with 93kg (205.0 lbs) in her first snatch attempt.

12:05 PM

Ahmed distanced herself a little more in her second attempt with a 97kg (213.8 lbs) snatch. Then she added a little more cushion to her lead heading into the clean and jerk with a 100kg snatch in her third attempt.

12:43 PM

Ahmed completed a clean and jerk of 112kg in her first attempt. In her second attempt she put herself up in group B with a clean and jerk of 116kg for a new total of 216kg.

12:47 PM

Cuba's Marina De La C. Rodriguez Mitjan has come storming back. She completes a clean and jerk of 121kg in her second attempt, bringing her total to 215kg, just 1kg short of Ahmed at the conclusion of group B.





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