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Weightlifting recap: Oscar Figueroa wins gold, retires

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Oscar Albeiro Figueroa Mosquera of Colombia has decided to end his career on top. 

The 33-year-old clinched a gold medal with a total of 318kg (142kg snatch and 176kg clean and jerk). After his final attempt, Figueroa Mosquera removed his shoes and layed them down on the platform, signifying his retirement from competition.

Things got interesting early in the 62kg weight class when gold medal favorite withdrew with a lower body injury. 

Eko Yuli Irawan takes the silver with a total of 312kg (687.8 lbs). Farkhad Kharki of Kazakstan earns the bronze with a total of 305kg (672.4 lbs).

As for the women's 58kg, Thailand's Sukanya Srisurat set a new Olympic record  in the snatch (110kg/242.5 lbs) en route to a gold medal.

The gold is the second for Thailand in weightlifting (Sopita Tanasan of women's 48kg had the first).

After setting the new Olympic record in the snatch, Srisurat had an 8kg lead heading into the clean and jerk. She ended up putting her opponents away with a 130kg (286.6 lbs) lift to bring her total to 240kg (529.1 lbs).

Kuo Hsing-Chun of Chinese Tapei would've needed an Olympic record clean and jerk to defeat Srisurat, but she failed to convert on the 139kg (306.4 lbs) lift.

Pimsiri Sirikaew of Thailand declined to attempt the Olympic record, but leaves with the silver with a total of 232kg (511.4 lbs).

Men's 62kg group A

6:36 PM

Oscar Albeiro Figueroa Mosquera of Colombia starts big with a 137kg (302.0 lbs) snatch. 

6:40 PM

Eko Yuli Irawan of Indonesia tops Figueroa Mosquera with a 142kg (313.0 lbs), but the Colombian lifter responds with a 142kg snatch of his own.

6:42 PM 

World record holder and gold medal favorite Chen Lijun of China is out. He was unable to complete his first two lifts with an apparent calf injury and decided not to attempt his third lift.

6:49 PM

Figueroa Mosquera and Eko are tied at 142kg (313.0 lbs), but Figueroa Mosquera will head into the clean and jerk leading because of body weight.

7:10 PM

We're well into the clean and jerk segment. After a snatch of 126kg (277.7 lbs) (personal best) and clean and jerk of 164kg, Morea Baru of Papua New Guinea now has a personal best total with 290kg (361.5 lbs). He was pretty pumped.

7:19 PM

There's five lifters still active in the competition. Japan's Yoichi Itokazu is the leader after a 169kg (372.5 lbs) clean and jerk and a total of 302kg. (665.7 lbs) 

7:21 PM

Farkhad Kharki of Kazakstan takes over as the leader with a 170kg (374.7 lbs). . . That was until Irawan matched that 170kg and upped his total to 312kg (687.8 lbs).

7:24 PM 

The lead now sits at 314kg (692.2 lbs) after a 172kg (379.1 lbs) clean and jerk by Figueroa Mosquera. This is going to be a close one to the end. 


Figueroa Mosquera with a HUGE 176kg (388.0 lbs) clean and jerk with a lift to go. 

7:33 PM

This has become a chess match. Strategy is becoming a huge factor.

7:35 PM

Irawan is out. Figueroa Mosquera clinches the gold with a total of 318kg (701.1 lbs). He gets a big ovation from the crowd as he removes his shoes, signifying his retirement. 

Women's 58kg group A

2:55 PM

Halfway through the competition, Lena Rivas of Colombia takes over the lead with a 96kg (211.6 lbs) snatch. 

2:59 PM

Yuderquis Maridalia Contreras (first lift) of the Dominican Republic and Mexico's Monica Patricia Dominguez (third lift) match the 96kg mark.

3:00 PM

Pimsiri Sirikaew of Thailand takes over after a 98kg snatch.

3:03 PM

100kg snatch for Yuderquis Maridalia Contreras in her second lift. That takes the lead, and marks a new personal best.

3:06 PM

Maria Alexandra Escobar Guerrero matches the 100kg mark. The lead is hers with a few more lifters to go.

3:08 PM

No messing around from Chinese Taipei's Kuo Hsing-Chun. She records a 102kg snatch in her first lift.

3:13 PM

Talk about not messing around. . . Thailand's Sukanya Srisurat starts with a 105kg snatch. (4k short of the Olympic record).

3:19 PM

Srisurat ties the Olympic with a 108kg snatch on her second lift. She sets a new the Olympic record with a 110kg (242.5 lbs) snatch.She'll have a 8kg lead heading into the clean and jerk.

3:37 PM

A good start for the clean and jerk. A number of lifters have completed a lift in the range of 117kg in their first attempt.

3:40 PM

Taking a look at the leaderboard. Escobar Guerrero currently leads with a total of 218kg.

3:48 PM

Escobar Guerrero remains in first place, adding a 121kg clean and jerk to move her total to 221kg.

3:53 PM

Three out of trhee successful lifts for Escobar Guerrero, the last of which is 123kg. She currently sits in the lead with a total of 223kg with four lifters remaining. The leader after the snatch, Sukanya Srisurat, is one of those remaining.

3:57 PM

Srisurat in now in first with a 128kg clean and jerk with a total of 237kg.

4:02 PM

Huge 130kg lift for Srisurat. Her first place total is now at 240kg. Her opponents will need to break an Olympic record to catch her.

4:09 PM


Srisurat takes gold with a total of 240kg. Pimsiri Sirikaew gets the silver with 232kg. Kuo Hsing-Chun earns the bronze with a total of 231kg.



Men's 62kg group B

Day 3 of weightlifting competition starts off with men's 62kg group B

9:37 AM

Japan's Yosuke Nakayama fails to complete a 124kg (273.3 lbs) snatch, but still leads group B at 121kg (266.7 lbs). 

9:43 AM

J.A. Lopez Sanchez takes over group B with a 125kg (275.5 lbs) snatch. 

10:02 AM

The clean and jerk segment of the competition is underway. Nakayama lifts 140kg (308.6 lbs) before J.C. Acosta Gonzalez of Chile passes him with a 142kg (313.0 lbs) clean and jerk.

10:08 AM

Yakayama momentarily re-claims the lead with a 145kg (319.6 lbs) clean and jerk before Acosta Gonzalez takes over again with a 146kg (321.8 lbs) lift.

10:10 AM

Acosta Gonzalez's lead was short lived after Julio Cesar Salamanca Pineda puts the pressure on his opponents with a 150kg (330.6 lbs) clean and jerk in his first attempt. He now has a total of 270kg (595.2 lbs).

10:18 AM

Salamanca Pineda expanded his total to 275kg after a 155kg clean and jerk in his third attempt. But Vaipava Nevo Ioane of Samoa takes over first with a 156kg (343.9 lbs) clean and jerk to get his total up to 276kg (608.4 lbs).

10:25 AM

Ioane is the leader with 276kg (608.4 lbs) after men's group B


Women's 58kg group B

11:58 PM

With the bar set at 84kg by a few lifters, Sabine Kusterer of Germany takes the lead with a snatch of 87kg (191.8 lbs)

12:08 PM 

The lead now belongs to Veronika Ivasiuk of the Ukraine after her snatch of 90kg (198.4 lbs). Kusterer also completed a 90kg (198.4 lbs) lift, but finds herself in second place because of weight percentage.

12:11 PM

Ivasiuk leads group B heading into the clean and jerk

12:35 PM

Right now, 107kg (235.8 lbs) seems to be the magic number in the group B clean and jerk. A number of lifters have completed the 107kg lift, creating a logjam at the top of the leaderboard.

12:38 PM

Remember that logjam I was talking about? Germany's Kusterer broke that up by completing a 108kg (238.1 lbs) clean and jerk on her first attempt.

12:43 PM

In her first attempt at the clean and jerk. Mathlynn Sasser records a 110kg (242.5 lbs) lift. Kusterer remains in first place for the time being because of her total of 198kg (436.5 lbs).

12:47 PM

Kusterer completes a 110kg (242.5 lbs) clean and jerk, raising her total to 200kg (440.9 lbs)








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