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Local sheriff at center of investigation faces more accusations

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Tonight a woman is set to meet with the FBI to discuss her 10-year affair with a local sheriff. This is the same sheriff who's the subject of a state and federal investigation over a police beating caught on camera.

Now, there are new accusations the sheriff used county equipment and spent county time in pursuit of pleasure at times you'd think he would be on the clock, working for taxpayers.

The woman would only speak to us if we protected her identity.

She is a professional with a career, tons of family, and is trying to avoid embarrassing them.

She described a 10-year affair with Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis. She says that affair ended as soon as the sheriff learned he was the target of a TBI investigation a few months ago.

This is a mature subject matter - and we've worked hard to be tasteful.

Why, then, is she coming forward? She's about to tell her story to the FBI, and suggested to us that the sheriff's conduct constitutes an abuse of power.

Sheriff Davis and the Humphreys County Sheriffs Department are facing a multi-agency criminal investigation after an unarmed man, Darren Ring, was beaten and Tasered for 10 minutes. It was all captured on video.

Later at the jail, still handcuffed, there are allegations Ring was beaten some more, that Sheriff Chris Davis joined in that beating, and that of all things Ring was Tasered again for the amusement of a female jailer.

The three officers caught on video have been fired and all charges against Darren Ring were quickly dropped.

Davis remains sheriff while criminal investigators pour through his computer, jail videos, interviews and police reports.

But now new evidence, a former lover, talks about her 10-year affair with the sheriff, an affair that brings up questions of possible official misconduct.

"I got involved with Sheriff Davis first as a friend and an acquaintance, and then it ended up being a romantic, sexually involvement," she said.

The woman operated a business in Humphreys County. It was here she said she received constant texts from Sheriff Davis on his phone the county pays for.

"Pretty much daily, could average a couple a day to a hundred a day," she said.

The texts were often about the desire to have sex, asking the woman to meet Sheriff Davis in different places around town for quick public or private sex.

"We would have sex in the closet, stand up on the desk, in the chair, in the car, in the cemetery parking lots, in other lots, a home that was being foreclosed on, funeral home parking lots," she said. "So, I was really leery we were trespassing."

Davis is married and so is the woman, both are still married, but this isn't just a story about their affair. It's about what happened on county work hours.

Keep in mind the sheriff is sending hundreds of texts with his county-funded phone to arrange meetings with this woman in the middle of the work day, in his county vehicle on county time, is this appropriate conduct?

Here are a few of the texts sent from Sheriff Davis' phone:

  • "Meet you at the high school." - June 23, 1:09 p.m.
  • "I'm on (Highway 47). May I?" - June 24, 9:37 a.m.
  • "Meet me at Barbara's place. She's at work." May 20, 11:02 a.m.

And here's a sequence from one day, June 28:

  • "You want me to come get ya so I can have you for lunch." 11:49 a.m.
  • "I don't really care. I just want you to hold me. Get done with your work and I will see you in Dickson in a few." 12:18 p.m.
  • "Where you want to go? You want me to get a room or is your place not available?" 1:06 p.m.
  • "Look, I want to hold U. Can we work this out or what?" 2:12 p.m.

There are other texts involving x-rated language that we chose not to share. There are also nude pictures of the sheriff texted from the sheriff's county-funded phone.

So how does Sheriff Davis respond to these allegations? What is his side of the story?

Sheriff Davis did not return our calls, but we spoke with his attorney.

"I'm not saying this did happen or this didn't happen. I will tell you this, a sheriff is on duty 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We are just going to wait to see what this woman says and we may have comments afterwards," Phillip Davidson said.

The woman will be interviewed by the FBI next week.

She says she attempted to end the affair for a year, but Sheriff Davis would not let her go.

"He bullies," she said. "I was always afraid, still am. He would intimidate constantly."

She said she feels guilty and embarrassed but she felt trapped and scared."I was followed several times out of the county," she said. "I would leave my job and deputy cars would be behind me all the way to the county line. One evening he had wanting me to meet him, and I was pulled over by a deputy on a dark road. I got really nervous, because I was on the phone with him at the time. And he's like, 'it's okay, it's okay.' He was watching the whole ordeal."

The woman says Sheriff Davis ended the affair when he found he was being investigated.

Since then they have continued texting occasionally, but the affair is over.

"I'm relieved that it's over. And I'd just like to see it never happen to someone else," she said.

This story, along with the criminal investigation is really starting to bother people in Humphreys County.

A large crowd packed the county commission meeting Monday, demanding the commission at least consider ouster proceedings against the sheriff or ask for a resignation.

We will have more on that Wednesday, as the Channel 4 I-Team investigation continues on Channel 4 News at 6 p.m.

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