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EXCLUSIVE CHANNEL 4 POLL: Haslam Maintains Big Lead 10-28-2010

Reported By Cara Kumari
Channel 4 News has been tracking the political races with polling since the summer and in the final days.
Even though there are still undecided voters in the race for governor, there aren't enough undecided votes for Democrat Mike McWherter to come from behind, according to WSMV's latest poll.
Channel 4's polling firm asked 600 voters across Tennessee about who they want to be the next governor. Fifty-seven percent said they intend to vote for Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam, and 28 percent for Mike McWherter.
One percent said they will vote for someone else, and 14 percent are still undecided. That means Haslam would still have a significant lead even if McWherter gains every undecided vote.
The numbers have changed very little since WSMV's late September poll, Haslam held a 31-point lead over McWherter. That lead is now 29 points. The numbers suggest Haslam has far more support from Republicans than McWherter has from Democrats.
Eighty-five percent of voters who identified themselves as Republicans are voting for Haslam, while 69 percent of Democrats plan to vote for Mike McWherter, said the poll.
Wine In Grocery Stores
On another issue, state lawmakers have been wrangling whether or not to allow wine sales in grocery stores for the past two years and are likely to take up the issue next year. Sixty-two percent of voters said they would support selling wine in grocery stores. Twenty-seven percent were against it and 11 percent are undecided.
Lawmakers have said in the past they would try to pass an immigration law similar to Arizona's controversial proposal. That would allow law enforcement to check the immigration status of anyone an officer stops or detains. Seventy-nine percent of voters were in favor of making it easier to check immigration status. Thirteen percent are opposed, and 7 percent are undecided.
Presidential Approval
President Barack Obama garnered 42 percent of the vote in the 2008 elections held in Tennessee. But according to Channel 4’s poll, only 27 percent would vote to re-elect Obama. Sixty-three percent would vote for an opponent and 9 percent are undecided.
Channel 4’s researchers polled 600 Tennessee voters by phone this week. The poll has a margin of error of four.

Full Poll Results
1. In the race for Tennessee Governor, how likely are you to vote in the general election on Nov. 2?
Very likely 515 85% Somewhat likely 50 8% Not very likely 24 4% Do not intend to vote 19 3%
2. If the election was held today, which candidate for Tennessee governor would you vote for? (Asked of all but those who said they do not intend to vote.)
Democrat Mike McWherter 164 28% Republican Bill Haslam 333 57% Someone else 8 1% Undecided 84 14%
3.What is your level of support for your candidate? Are you...
Strongly supportive 271 54% Somewhat supportive 158 31% Lukewarm 48 10% Really voting AGAINST another candidate 28 6%
4.Do you generally consider yourself to be...
Republican 232 38% Democrat 162 27% Independent 190 31% Other 24 4%
5.If Barack Obama were up for re-election as President right now, would you vote to re-elect him or would you be more likely to vote for an opponent?
Obama (vote to re-elect) 166 27% Opponent (vote for an opponent) 385 63% Undecided / Don’t know 57 9%
6.Should Tennessee allow the sale of wine in grocery stores?
Yes 379 62% No 165 27% Undecided / Don’t know 64 11%
7.How much has this year’s Tea Party movement had an impact on your choice of candidates?
Heavy influence – (Tea Party has the right idea) 72 12% Some impact – (Tea Party has some ideas worth listening to) 166 27% Little impact – (Don’t pay much attention to it) 152 25% No impact – (Tea Party has no ideas worth listening to) 218 36%
8.Should Tennessee pass a state law that would make it easier for local law enforcement to check a person’s immigration status to see if they are a legal citizen?
Yes 483 79% No 81 13% Undecided / Don’t know 44 7%

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