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A good night's sleep may mean a good day's work

Getting enough sleep each night may mean you're less likely to take time off from work due to illness, a new study suggests. More>>

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Gov't to probe testosterone therapy claims, safety

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is focusing on the "Low T" fad, questioning whether the boom in testosterone replacement therapy is helping or harming the health of aging American males. More>>

Fewer U.S. teens using illegal drugs and alcohol, report finds

Illegal drug use among teens in the United States is on the decline, according to a new federal report. More>>

Is Beyonce pregnant again?

There may be another royal baby on the way. More>>

Martha Stewart on Gwyneth Paltrow's site: Be quiet and stick to movies

Apparently Martha Stewart isn't ready to cede her title of America's go-to domestic goddess to Gwyneth Paltrow just yet. More>>

Robin Thicke's lies exposed in deposition

If you've been living under a rock, don't own a radio or a television, or have somehow been lucky enough to remain blissfully ignorant of the recent shenanigans of singer Robin Thicke, you've been missing out on some truly bizarre behavior.


Sick of U2? Here’s how to remove 'Songs of Innocence' from your iTunes

Apple gifted U2's latest album for all iTunes users. But not every user is a fan - here's how to remove it from your library. More>>

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT, GT S Preview, live photos: Affalterbach’s new super coupe

Sleek, stylish, and chock full of heritage, the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT has arrived. More>>

5 investment risks created by global warming

If the Earth's climate continues to see more weather and temperature volatility, new types of risk will rise to the forefront of corporate and individual concern.

Walking, biking to work seems to have mental health benefits

Trading the gas pedal for foot power or bike power to get to your job can also improve your mental health, British researchers report. More>>

Small number of drugs behind kids' accidental poisonings

A relatively small number of medications are responsible for sending thousands of young children to the hospital for accidental ingestion, a U.S. government study finds. More>>

Apple sells a record 4 million iPhone 6 units in 24 hours

Apple fans are responding to the two larger iPhone 6 models with great enthusiasm. The company announced on Monday that it sold 4 million iPhones in the first 24 hours. More>>

Unlocking the secrets to a financially happy relationship

Fall is now second only to summer as the most popular time to tie the knot. However, before a couple says, “I do,” it is important to first have a truthful heart-to-heart talk about finances. More>>

You betcha! Sarah Palin's whole family reportedly involved in a 20-person brawl

Sarah Palin may have channeled her inner lipstick-wearing pit bull this past weekend, when her entire family was reportedly involved in a brawl in Alaska. More>>

First look at 2015 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak

Dodge has given drag racing fans an early look at the 2015 Challenger Drag Pak by unveiling a prototype version at the 60th annual National Hot Rod Association U.S. Nationals meet in Indianapolis. More>>

Joan Rivers' clinic denies performing unplanned throat biopsy

Officials at an outpatient clinic in Manhattan have denied a report that said doctors performed an unplanned throat biopsy on Joan Rivers when she stopped breathing on Aug. 28, according to TheWrap. More>>

Teen petitions to have self-portrait with cat and lasers as yearbook pic

How many of us actually like our high school yearbook photos? Chances are, not many.  More>>

Why not plant vegetables this fall?

No matter how generous Mother Nature was in supplying you with homegrown produce over the past weeks, it soon will be used up, given away, or preserved for the coming winter. Imagine having a new stock of fresh, delicious, healthful veggies to enjoy as the weather turns nippy. More>>

Two perfect days in Camden, Maine

Where to eat, what to do, and where to stay in this quaint, midcoast town. More>>

Recycled content tile: Choose the eco-friendly option

Recycled content tile, a relative newcomer to the home improvement scene, goes conventional tile one better by offering all its traditional advantages together with an even more impressive green scorecard. More>>

Yahoo says it faced $250,000-a-day gov't fine for opposing NSA data demand

Yahoo has revealed that the US government threatened to fine the company a hefty $250,000 a day if it refused to supply the National Security Agency (NSA) with user data for its top-secret PRISM surveillance program. More>>

The parenting trap: Coddling anxious kids

Some parents may make things worse for their anxious kids by falling into what researchers call the "protection trap" -- reassuring them, lavishing them with attention or making the threat go away, according to the... More>>

10 popular roofing styles -- Which is the best for you?

Besides performing the essential function of protecting human beings from sun, rain, hail, and snow, roofs come in various shapes that add architectural interest to the buildings they cover.

Medications plus parent training may help kids with aggression, adhd

Combining two medications with parent training appears to improve anger, irritability and violent tendencies in children whose attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is coupled with severe aggression, a new study... More>>

Top 9 vacation destinations for Wall Street geeks

If you're geeky about Wall Street and investing, it may not matter whether you're placing trades with your broker or standing in line at the grocery store - the world of finance is never far from your thoughts. Here are some top spots! More>>

Watch Justin Bieber strip and get booed at New York Fashion Week

Justin Bieber stripped down to his underwear during a New York Fashion Week event -- and was booed. More>>

Sara Gilbert, Linda Perry expecting first child

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry are expecting their first child together. More>>

Papa's favorite poison

Straight up, over ice, or frozen, daiquiris are just as good now as when Hemingway drank them. Of course, like many classics, the daiquiri is easy to make and easy to get wrong. More>>

U2 is giving its new album away for free on iTunes

Where the streets have no name? More like where the album has no price!

Protect your kids and pets with custom insurance

One of the best gifts a parent could give to their children is their financial security by way of life insurance. More>>

Obese people may be more vulnerable to food cues

Obese people may be more vulnerable to environmental food cues than thin people because of differences in their brain chemistry, a new study suggests. More>>

Man gets busted for drugs after he butt dials 911 at a Mexican restaurant

Pocket-dialing someone can lead to disastrous consequences. More>>

Many U.S. kids missing out on preventive care

Most adults can remember the battery of health services they endured as kids: hearing and vision tests, dental exams, regular checkups and vaccinations. More>>

Net neutrality is under threat from the FCC: What it is, and how we got here

Over the past few weeks (or years), you've probably heard a lot about Net Neutrality. If you're not sure what it really means, don't feel too bad. We're here to catch you up on everything you need to know. More>>

Mom's response to baby's cry a matter of memory

A mother's response to her baby's crying may be influenced by her own childhood, a new study reports. More>>

An introduction to student loans and the FAFSA

Even if you think you won't qualify it is important to fill out an FAFSA form. You may be surprised and you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to access cheap funding options. More>>

Martina Navratilova proposes to girlfriend during U.S. Open

Tennis champ Martina Navratilova is engaged after she proposed to longtime girlfriend Julia Lemigova (where else?) during the middle of U.S. Open! More>>

Apple Watch is yours to own in early 2015, and starts at $350

Apple's long-rumoured move into wearable technology has finally taken place.  More>>

Here's the iPhone 6: Bigger, thinner, improved camera, and more

Apple's iPhone 6 was perhaps the most highly anticipated device of 2014. Now, after a long, suspenseful year full of rumors and contradictory reports, the next iPhone is finally here.

Fran Drescher is married

Fran Drescher married Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai over the weekend. More>>

Prince William and Kate Middleton expecting baby No. 2

Another prince or princess is on the way! More>>

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka wed in Italy

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have tied the knot! More>>

Short walks can offset long stretches of sitting

Taking really short but frequent walks can counteract the harm caused by sitting for long periods of time, a new study suggests. More>>

Spotting, treating autism symptoms in infancy may prevent delays

Among infants as young as 6 months old who exhibited symptoms of autism, therapy provided by parents seemed to prevent developmental delays by age 3 in most of the tots, a small new study suggests. More>>

Gov't agency pushes to lower blood alcohol limits for drivers To 0.05

Traffic fatalities have been on the decline for several decades, but despite such improvements, alcohol has remained a contributing factor in roughly one-third of roadway deaths. More>>

Sarah Jessica Parker, Hugh Jackman, other celebs attend Joan Rivers' funeral

Joan Rivers' funeral Sunday in New York City was a star-studded event -- and, by all accounts, exactly the kind of glitzy, laugh-filled celebration she would have wanted. More>>

Sexually transmitted cancer still plaguing dogs

A sexually transmitted cancer is still plaguing dogs around the world despite efforts to combat the disease by sterilizing dogs and preventing them from roaming free, according to recent survey of veterinarians. More>>

NYPD and other police departments to equip officers with wearable body cameras

After a summer filled with stories involving questionable behavior by police officers, police departments across the nation are exploring the idea of equipping their officers with body cameras to increase accountability and transparency.  More>>

Sibling bullies may leave lasting effects

While a burly kid on the playground may be the stereotype of a childhood bully, a new study suggests some of the most damaging bullies are as close to home as you can get: They're siblings who tease, make fun of and... More>>

Single-dose, injected flu treatment shows promise

A new single-dose, injected drug appears safe and effective at helping ease flu symptoms, two new studies show. More>>

Get a handle on medical expenses

Fast action can keep debt under control


Joan Rivers dies: Hollywood remembers a comedy trailblazer

Less than a month after the world lost Robin Williams, comedienne Joan Rivers also passed away, taking a bit of the laughter with her. In the wake of the news, many celebrities, fellow comedians and actors mourned Rivers' passing by sharing their thoughts and memories.

Scarlett Johansson gives birth to baby girl

Actress Scarlett Johansson gave birth to a baby girl in New York City on Thursday, The Associated Press reports. It is the first child for Johansson and her fiancé Romain Dauriac. More>>

Ford starts testing its first right-hand-drive Mustang

Ford has revealed its first right-hand-drive Mustang, one of a handful of prototype versions that will be used for calibration testing in a handful of markets. More>>

Why polyester fails the B.O. test after exercise

The reason polyester clothes smell worse than cotton apparel after a hard workout is because odor-causing bacteria grow better on them, a new study shows. More>>

Joan Rivers, comedienne and Fashion Police host, dies at 81

Legendary comedienne Joan Rivers died Thursday after being taken off of life support, her daughter Melissa told The Associated Press. She was 81. More>>

Art of antipasti

Is there a better way to start a meal than with an abundant antipasti platter, artfully arranged with ruffles of meat, cheese and vegetables?

How much salt is too much?

Most people get too much or not enough salt in their diet. Like Goldilocks with her bowls of porridge, the trick is finding the amount that is just right. More>>

Bras blameless for breast cancer risk

When it comes to breast cancer risk, women's bras are off the hook, a new study says. More>>

Obesity remains rampant across America

More than 20 states have obesity rates topping one-third of their population, and six states saw a rise in obesity rates last year, according to two new reports on America's worrisome, widening girth. More>>

Here's how to clean concrete floors

Although it is a relatively low maintenance material, concrete does need occasional cleaning to get rid of dirt, stains, and oily patches. More>>

Sony's wearable Lifelog camera moves one step closer to watching your every step

Wearable technology is still in its infancy but there are some compelling aspects to it. More>>

5 horrific things that can haunt your finances

There are many everyday events that can turn your life into a financial horror story More>>

Garage door opener problems: A troubleshoot guide

Having trouble with your garage door opener? Now's the time to take care of any problems. Come winter, you do not want to arrive home from work on a cold, dark evening and be stuck outside. More>>

New Jon Stewart biography claims he's a bit of a jerk

Jon Stewart is "anything but warm and fuzzy," a staffer asserts in Lisa Rogak's biography of The Daily Show host, according to a New York Daily News review.  More>>

Breast-feeding may help obese moms lose pregnancy pounds

Breast-feeding may help women lose their pregnancy weight and keep it off if they were obese before they became pregnant, according to new research. More>>

Females overlooked in basic surgical research, study says

Female animals or cells are rarely used in surgical research studies, even though sex differences can have a major impact on medical research, a new study finds. More>>

Kaley Cuoco responds to nude photo leak with cheeky Instagram pic

Kaley Cuoco is determined to beat the person(s) who leaked hundreds of photos of nude celebrities over the weekend at their own game. More>>

Farm antibiotics may be linked to food allergies

Some people may be allergic to the antibiotics used to keep pests away from fruits and vegetables. More>>

Are you arrogant or just confident?

Are you arrogant or confident? It's critical you know how people see you.


Netflix lets you choose who you recommend movies to on Facebook

Now when a Netflix viewer finishes watching a selection, they'll be asked if they have any friends who'd also like the show. Select which friends you'd like to share the show or movie with, add an optional message, and click Send. More>>

Justin Bieber arrested, charged with assault and dangerous driving

Justin Bieber faces assault and dangerous driving charges after he was arrested in Canada last week, CNN reports. More>>

See the first photos from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wedding

Just over a week after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie married in a secret ceremony in France, the first photos of the event are out. More>>

E-cigarette vapor may be less toxic than tobacco smoke

Secondhand vapor created by one brand of electronic cigarette harbors fewer hazardous chemicals than regular cigarette smoke, although the researchers report the finding doesn't leave e-cigarettes in the clear. More>>

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg marry

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg have tied the knot, People reports. The couple wed at the Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Ill., outside McCarthy's hometown, Chicago. More>>

'Pot addiction' may be real, study suggests

Many people believe that marijuana is not addictive, but a new study challenges that theory. More>>

Start building solid credit at a young age

For consumers who are just hitting college age, or even still in high school, building a solid credit history seems like the least of their concerns. But in today's world, showing that you're responsible with your money matters more than ever. More>>

Freeze produce now to enjoy summer flavor all year

Freezing is a fantastic method of storage. Come winter, your stash of produce may be quickly pulled out of the freezer to give variety and lift to cold weather meals. More>>

Beyonce’s Dad: Elevator fight was a publicity stunt

If you're one of the cynical people who thought the infamous elevator fight earlier this year between Solange Knowles and her brother-in-law Jay Z was a publicity stunt, you're probably right.

'Spare tire' may be especially bad for your blood pressure

When it comes to excess pounds and blood pressure, all fat may not be created equal, a new study finds. More>>

Low-carb beats low-fat for weight loss, heart health

For people who want to lose weight and boost their heart health, cutting down on carbohydrates may work better than trimming dietary fat, a new study suggests. More>>

J.D. Power offers proof voice-recognition systems are the worst things in our cars

J.D. Power's Kristin Kolodge told a group of conference-goers that voice-recognition software is the most troublesome technology found on cars today. More>>

Should you refinance your mortgage?

Weigh the pros and cons before deciding. More>>

Your family's germs may move with you

Your family carries its own unique population of bacteria that accompany you when you move to a new home, a new study finds. More>>

Top reasons to apply for an FHA loan

The FHA provides mortgage insurance on loans for single-family and multi-family homes made by FHA-approved lenders in the U.S. and its territories. More>>

Worried about recalls? Just check your VIN on the Department of Transportation's new website

Has your vehicle been recalled? Now you can check with just a few clicks thanks to the Department of Transportation's new website.

World's first 'smart' cruise ship features robot bartenders, virtual balconies and more

Dubbed by its owner as “the world's first smartship,” Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship could be just the ticket for tech fans keen to indulge their passion while sailing on the high seas. More>>

How to find -- and use -- hidden storage space

In desperate need of more room to stash your stuff? Examine your home from every angle, and you are likely to find snippets of unused space, just there for the taking. More>>

Back to school laptop bag guide

Check out these five great laptop bags for students.

A new twist on the Labor Day barbecue

Think Labor Day weekend is just another excuse for a barbecue?  Try celebrating the last days of summer in an all new way. More>>

6 good reasons to get renter's insurance

If you're renting an apartment or home, you'll need an insurance policy to cover your belongings.  More>>

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are married

It's official -- no, seriously this time. More>>

David Chase: Just kidding, Tony Soprano is not "not dead"

The "did Tony Soprano die?" mystery is back to being unsolved. More>>

Putting heat to meat

Among burger aficionados, no question is more hotly debated than that of which cooking method produces the tastiest results. More>>

Artists for Trauma and Rhythm and Joy Festival showcase the power of art

Artists help trauma victims heal and move forward in life. More>>

Eye pigment may help vision in hazy conditions

Having greater amounts of yellow pigment in your eyes could boost your ability to see distant objects in hazy conditions, a new study reports. More>>

Did Tony die in The Sopranos finale? David Chase finally clears up the mystery

The Sopranos has been celebrated for its ambiguous series finale, which left the fate of mob boss Tony Soprano unknown.  But now creator David Chase has taken all of the mystery out of the episode. More>>

Neil Young files for divorce after nearly 37 years of marriage

Neil Young has filed for divorce from his wife Pegi Young, E! News reports. More>>

Young adults who had depression have 'hyper-connected' brain networks

Young adults who struggled with depression in adolescence appear to have "hyper-connected" networks in their brain, researchers are reporting. More>>

What your employees are really doing on that conference call

The joy of conference calls is that you can do them from anywhere with a phone line or an internet connection--no more being chained to boardrooms or flying across the country to attend meetings. More>>

Overconfident folks may blind others to their real abilities

Overconfident people are better at convincing others that they're more talented than they really are, and therefore are more likely to get promotions and reach high-level positions, a new study indicates. More>>

The Emmys: An SOS (same old shows)

If you take comfort in the Emmy Awards' almost shocking predictability in rewarding so many of the same shows and stars year after year, this might have been your favorite Emmy show ever.

HP recalls 6 million laptop power cords

HP issued a voluntary recall, explaining that a recently discovered overheating issue made the cords a “fire and burn hazard.”

Breaking Bad wins big, Modern Family five-peats at Emmy Awards

Breaking Bad's farewell tour went out on a high note, as the AMC drama won five awards including drama series at Monday's Primetime Emmy Awards, while Modern Family completed a historic five-peat.

Ban indoor use of e-cigarettes, U.N. health agency says

The United Nations' World Health Organization recommended that countries regulate electronic cigarettes and ban their use indoors until studies prove that "vaping" is harmless to bystanders. More>>

Miley Cyrus nabs top honor at VMAs, homeless teen accepts award on her behalf

Miley Cyrus was the big winner at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards, but it wasn't receiving the top honor or giving an outrageous performance that had people talking.

Beyonce puts divorce rumors to rest with a kiss from Jay Z on VMAs stage

Beyonce used the MTV stage yet again to put rumors to rest.

And the most-stolen vehicle in America is . . .

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has just released its list of most-stolen vehicles for 2013. All of those in the top ten are big-selling, mass-market models. More>>

Ice Bucket Challenge video posted on Facebook leads police to wanted man

When 20-year-old Jesean Morris decided to post an “Ice Bucket Challenge” video on his Facebook page, it's unlikely that he thought it would lead to his arrest by police officers. More>>

When it comes to a growing child, the brain comes first

Young children grow much more slowly than other mammals because their developing brains require so much energy to prepare for the challenges of later life, a new study contends. More>>

Diet, exercise counseling urged for overweight Americans with heart risks

Overweight Americans with risk factors for heart disease should be offered "intensive" counseling on diet and exercise, according to new guidelines released this week. More>>

Cheap car insurance for college students

If you're of college age – or have a college-age student in the family – you probably know it's a terrible time to buy auto insurance. More>>

What parents need to know about sports participation

Sports are an important part of school for many youngsters, and proper preparation is essential for reducing their risk of injury, an expert says. More>>

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